Sun, smiles and laughter abound

Spring has sprung. Despite cold, wet days with highs in the mid-40s, spring is truly here, even if it’s not quite time to put away the winter jackets.

The grass is ris’ – John Moran has returned on a daily schedule. The 2016 lawn mowing has begun, evoking the great smell confirming spring. Welcome home, John.

We don’t have to worry where the flowers are. They’re up all over. Bright yellow forsythia assures us that spring really is here; lupines are at the early stage of development. Daffodils abound. Tiny Tim will invite us to tiptoe through the tulips before too much longer.

May has brought island residents out and about, socializing and bringing light and life to all places. Last week, there was quite a large gathering at the house of Chris White. It was a potluck dinner organized by Rosalie Kell that filled Chris’s house with joyous chatter and laughter bouncing off the walls as the evening sunlight dappled smiling faces.

The laughter and smiles on the island don’t stop there. Little Louis, 1-year-old son of pastor Tom Powell, has been making a regular appearance at the Great Cranberry General Store, usually for lunch. While he is there to eat a veggie burger, he spends most of his time running around in his tiny Converse sneakers (sometimes into the tall legs that get in his path), exploring the store and having islanders burst into smile when they enjoy the exuberance of a child on their island. Like a true islander, little Lou gets back up running every time he goes down on his bum, not letting a little fall keep him down and out.

We would not have the gift of children and the life they bring without our mothers. This Mother’s Day, Darlene Sumner organized a lovely event at the Ladies Aid, Muffins for Moms. It was a warm gathering on a cool, overcast mother’s day that involved coffee sipping, muffin munching and a space to come and appreciate the love and care of our fellow mothers, who deserve recognition more than simply once a year. It was followed by songs performed by the Cranberry kids at the church, singing like little mourning doves and chickadees in appreciation for the life they have been given.

The track and field meet at Brewer on May 3 included Patrick Mocarsky, Xander Amuso and Beatrice Amuso. Patrick, seventh-grade boys, ran the 100-meter dash in 14.77 seconds and the 1600-meter run in just over 6 minutes. He put the shot 17 feet, 3 inches. Xander, sixth-grade boys, ran the 50-meter dash in 10.06 seconds and the 400-meter dash in just over 90 seconds. He threw the discus 44 feet, 1 inch. Beatrice, seventh-grade girls, threw the discus 42 feet, 8 inches. An error in paperwork omitted her from the 100-meter dash, but she looks forward to running it again next week. Cooper Sumner was out for the meet because of a bruised heel; he’s been cleared by his doctor to run again next week. (Very glad to hear it’s only a bruise!)

Next week’s column will have the results from the Bucksport meet on May 10. The following meet is on May 19 in Ellsworth. Cheers are welcome!

Islesford had a talk on balance, courtesy of Telemedicine. Thank you, Jean Johnson for a wonderful talk; thank you, Melissa Amuso, Serena Spurling, Sharon Leckbee Daley and Margaret Snell for setting up the talk. And thank you, Cindy Thomas, Melissa, Serena, Sally Rowan, and Jim and Sallye Parrish, for coming, talking about balance and asking Jean good questions.

There are just a few more Tuesdays with coffee in the library.

This coming Saturday, May 14, is a special town meeting. It starts at 8:45 a.m. at the Islesford Neighborhood House. The warrant for the meeting can be found on the town’s website, It’s well worth a look to see the important issues and questions to be answered.

The Islesford Congregational Church is pleased to announce the Chili Cook-off has been rescheduled for noon on May 15. It might not be chilly weather (then again, this is spring in Maine. The “Chili Nights Cook-off, Take 2” will follow a joint service for the Great Cranberry and Islesford churches and will take place at the church. The chili will be bean, no bean, or “other;” cornbread is also part of the competition. Contestants must pre-register to enter the competition. Come to Islesford for a good time with friends from the two islands. It will raise money for the Colegio Moriah education program in the Dominican Republic. Thanks again to Cari Alley for her chili work.

Lisa Fernald Payne has scheduled a graveside funeral for Dennis Fernald on July 10 at noon. This would have been his 50th wedding anniversary. Lisa will be on the island on July 8. Her mother will stay until the first week of September.

The Ladies Aid is starting to look for photographs for its eighth annual GCI calendar. Last year’s calendar included a beautiful compilation of island photos taken by community members and has been a great addition to the kitchen. All proceeds from the calendar benefit the Ladies Aid. Please send your best 1 MB or larger horizontal photos to [email protected]. Try to limit entries to no more than five, and please include information on how you would like you would like your name to appear in the calendar.

Volunteer registration for Great Cranberry’s The Great Run Marathon, Ultra and Relay has started. All volunteers get free T-shirts and get to cheer on powerhouse Mike Westphal. The Great Run is an exciting and fun event that needs many helpful hands to make it possible and should not be missed. You can register online at

Some birthday redundancy on May 16: Dan Fernald, Melissa McCormick and Sally Rowan share the day. Cory Alley joined the party on May 17. Happy birthday to all.

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected], and for Great Cranberry, email Kayla Gagnon at [email protected]
Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

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