Sprague, Lee honored at town meeting

Let’s give a round of applause to the five people who chose this year’s Swans Island annual town meeting to be their first-ever annual town meeting: Keith Harriton; Meghan Joyce; Stevie Kowalczyk — our Island Institute Fellow; Henriette Chacar — Mount Desert Islander reporter; and Bill French Nancy Carter’s nephew and new Swans Island landowner. This year’s meeting was certainly exciting, and I hope these people will join us again in future years.

Over 150 people attended this year’s meeting. We congratulate Myron “Sonny” Sprague for 50 years service as a selectman and Dexter Lee for 50 years service as sexton of cemeteries. Some noteworthy articles and discussions were a change in the selectmen’s compensation from a per-hour pay to a fixed one of $5,000 per year; some new names in the pot for treasurer — Bonnie Turner and Meghan Joyce, along with the incumbent Monica Cease — with Monica winning the vote; and a few new Municipal Advisory Council members voted in — Jennifer Helman, Gary Farley and Zeke Freelove.

Article 20, “To hear a report in regard to Housing for Law Enforcement and take action relative thereto,” was the most passionately debated vote and discussion of the day. The discussion occurred around lunchtime, and the term “hangry” (hungry and angry) was used to describe the people. The final vote for building a $100,000 addition on Town Hall to house our law enforcement and his family was 42 opposing and 70 in favor, so the motion passed.

The newly formed Comprehensive Planning Committee, chaired by Sonja Philbrook, requested $10,000 from the town; unable to specify a breakdown of projected costs at this time, Sonja asked for “blind faith” on our part regarding the usage of the money. She mentioned using some of it for surveys, printing and travel expenses, and consultant fees. The motion to allot this money to the committee passed unanimously.

Robert Gardner, Swans Island Fire Department chief, has asked for volunteers to help burn fields this spring in hopes of cutting down the tick population. Please give him a call if you would like to help or if you have a field to burn.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Noemy Wachtel upon her passing on March 8. Noemy was a sweet lady who will be missed by many.

Happy birthday to Wendy Joyce, Hailey May, Carlton Joyce, Elijah Joyce, Monica Cease, Jamie Matthews, Jaime Rose, Patricia Teranishi, Niamh Annie Stinson and Marion Stinson. Anniversary blessings to Matt and Sarah Lane and Karl and Kimberly Haller.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

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