Sparrow spotters

BAR HARBOR — The Natural History Center is asking area residents to note and report their first sightings of migratory birds this spring.

With the ground still covered in snow, it may be challenging to think of spring; but spring is on its way. For anyone paying attention to the birds, the first signs of spring are already appearing: turkey vultures have returned, fox sparrows have shown up at local feeders, and dark-eyed juncos are filling the woods with song.

To better understand the timing of spring migration and to investigate the influence of our changing climate, The Natural History Center launched a citizen science initiative to monitor the return of our feathered friends starting in 2011.

This project was designed to be simple and require minimal effort on the part of participants. Simply log the date you first observe a particular species of bird.

Forms can be downloaded from The Natural History Center’s website,, requested by email at [email protected] or by mail at P.O. Box 6, Bar Harbor, ME 04609. Forms should be returned by July 1.

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