Smallwood funeral streamed live

The memorial service for Hugh Smallwood was in Baltimore on April 24.

Cranberry residents were grateful to be able to watch the stream at the Cranberry House last week. Thanks go to Karin Whitney for connecting Hugh’s island community with the service in Baltimore. Like many islanders, the Cranberries were not the only place Hugh called home, but they were a piece of “home” nonetheless, and it was important for all to be a part of both the mourning and celebration of Hugh’s life.

Thanks to new broadband service, the service also was streamed live to about 70 people in the Islesford Neighborhood House. Loretta Chilcoat Jergenson connected the streaming at the church, and Iann Krasnow and Skip Stevens at the Islesford end.

A lot of long-distance Islesfordians went to Baltimore from the Pittsburgh, Boston and New York areas, among others. Hugh’s sisters, Dedi Whitaker and Innis Kasanof; his children, daughter Annie Smallwood Morse and her husband, Chandler Morse, and his son, “Little” Hugh and his wife, Jessica Pataki Smallwood; his nieces, Molleson O’Donovan (and Charlie O’Donovan) and Kate Chaplin, and their children were at the church. Peyton Eggleston and Chandler were among those who spoke about Hugh; Molleson and Kate were readers.

Barb and Bruce Fernald, Cynthia and Dan Lief and Kathy Sinott were among the many Islesford friends who went to Baltimore for the service.

Mary E. Schuch treated the Islesford Library Tea Time to banana muffins. Mary, Malcolm Fernald, Ann Fernald, Ashley Bryan and Stefanie Alley were there to enjoy.

Ashley and Bode Duggan read Eric Carle’s book “‘Slowly, Slowly, Slowly’ Said the Sloth.” Bode finished a picture of a sloth.

Cindy Thomas and Stefanie had their Dip of the Month on Wednesday. Barb Fernald swam when she was in Florida a week or so ago, but to qualify for the Islesford Dip, one must be above the 42nd parallel. She and Joy Sprague dipped on Saturday: the air temperature was 52 degrees, the water temperature, 42 degrees.

The cover of the May 4 “Maine” magazine is a photograph of John Dwelley’s Delight. The information includes: “Delight is a handsome 32-foot classic Bunker & Ellis picnic launch furnished with old-style wicker chairs and a refrigerator for cruise passengers’ comfort.”

Springtime’s comin’! The commuter boat has changed to Elizabeth T, running in the morning. May 7 is the day the mail boat changes to the 2:30/4:30 p.m. runs, with the 4:30 p.m. taking on the commuter role.

Mail boat riders may have to get a bit cozier with each other on Double B this week while Sea Queen gets a much-needed paint job on the mainland. This winter, the larger of Beal and Bunker’s two boats, Sea Queen, saw some rough storms. It bravely toughed it out being tossed against pilings, often landing in angry seas. While Sea Queen gets pampered by Joe Flores, Paul Hewes and Isaac Krasnow, Beal and Bunker’s smaller boat Double B is temporarily taking her place, and since the number of visitors to the islands is on the rise, this may mean fewer available seats in the cabin. Fortunately, the unexpectedly close quarters could encourage conversation between strangers. So go with it! Sit close, ride the mail boat and get to know a stranger or maybe just get to know your neighbor even better than you already do.

Donna Sonday is letting a new gardener try her hand in the Cranberry House gardens this season. Sarah McCracken has just accepted the position and will be the new caretaker of the property’s plants. Drop by, say “hello” to the flowers and Sarah, then learn something new at the museum or grab lunch at the café. Thanks to Donna for 10 years of dedicated and talented work!

Barb Shirey Fernald will celebrate her birthday on May 4. May 5 is Karen Smallwood’s birthday. Rick Benjamin will cut cake on May 8. Happy birthday!

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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