School kids clean up roads, beaches

In an effort to take responsibility for the care of their island home, schoolchildren spent time cleaning up trash from the roadsides and beaches this week on Great Cranberry. They will do the same on Islesford as well. The most popular items along roadsides were Budweiser cans, and along the beaches, little bits of plastic took the cake. The kids have been brainstorming ways to deter their fellow community members from littering and hope that their efforts will inspire others to take responsibility for their island home as well. One islander was so pleased with the kids’ efforts he went to the store and bought them all cookies.

Be there, or be square. Tuesday’s Library Tea was well attended: Ashley Bryan, Ted Spurling, Ann Fernald, Paul Fernald, Peter Philbrook, Jason Pickering, and Kathy Lake had gingerbread with their coffee and tea.

On Thursday, Ashley read Lois Ehlert’s “Planting a Rainbow” to Jeri Spurling, and Luciana and Marina Pickering. They enjoyed time at the library and made flower pictures.

Blair Colby’s Cadillac Water Taxi is back in service. Despite last week’s wind and the snow that fell but didn’t last, spring is on the verge of being here. Boats are going back in the water, and traps are going back out. There’s a broad range of trap ages, from old and beat up to brand new.

Healthy Acadia will present, through telemed, “Media Literacy Training” at Islesford Neighborhood House Lady’s Parlor on Friday, April 13, from 4-5 p.m. “Media are all around us. Many people want to learn more about media literacy to educate young people about the role media play in their lives, and help youth make informed decisions. We will look at messages about alcohol, tobacco, and retail marijuana to see how media messages are constructed, messages are representations of reality w/embedded values and points of view, each form of edit uses a unique set of rules to construct messages, and individuals interpret media messages and create their own meaning based on personal experience.”

Planning ahead? Dr. Oh will be out for a dental clinic on Islesford on Friday, June 1. As fast as they year’s going, that will seem like next week.

Happy birthday to David Thomas on April 13. April 14 has a trio: Lindsay Eysnogle, Brendan Ravenhill and Peter Philbrook all blow out candles. Marya Goettsche Spurling follows on April 16. Happy birthday to April Mocarsky on April 17. Quinn Gray will open cards on April 18.

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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