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Nick Bright sent a message that the San Francisco Public Library is celebrating Ashley Bryan. There is a large display of Ashley’s books and a poster of him holding “Beautiful Blackbird.” Ashley was happy to see the picture in Nick’s message and said he has many friends in the San Francisco book world. Susan Valdina and Robin Smith said the library’s Effie Lee Morris supported Ashley in many ways, one of which was his annual presentation at the Reading the World conference.

This weekend as many celebrated the inauguration of our new president, many from the Cranberry Isles also participated in the Women’s March on Washington, a peaceful protest against much of what this new president stands for. Two full buses plus a number of individual cars took people from Mount Desert Island and outer islands to Washington, including Lindsay Eysnogle, Donna Isaacs, Barbara Meyers and her daughter Sophie Dowling, Willoughby Lucas Hastings, Jessi Duma, Kayla Gagnon, Rosalie Kell and myself, Sarah McCracken. Two Cranberry teachers, Mariah Baker and Katrina Linscott, travelled to D.C. as well. Emily Wright, Kaitlyn Duggan, Jay Houghton, Biz Houghton, Bev Kimpel, Lisa Hall and her daughter Matilda Allen all protested locally in Maine; and Cindy Thomas, Joy Sprague and Barb Fernald jumped in the ocean in solidarity with the movement. The large number of participants from such a little town reflected the enormity of the movement around the country and the globe. The Women’s March stood for reproductive rights, inclusion, the end of violence against women’s bodies, LGBTQIA rights, immigrant rights and environmental rights among many other issues, all of which many feel are endangered under a Trump administration.

We’re well into the second half of January, and the Dip of the Month finally happened. On Saturday, Jan. 21, Barb Fernald, Cindy Thomas and Joy Sprague went into the 38-degree water. They dipped “in honor of Ashley Bryan being home on the island and in honor of all of our sisters who are marching today.” Cindy made signs representing the hats worn by many at the Women’s March on Washington. Responses to their swim: ‘You guys are nuts!’ and ‘Awesome!!!!’ and ‘I believe you ladies have more gumption and guts than almost anyone I have ever known.’

If you want to run in the Millinocket Marathon in December, join the crowd. There already are over 1,500 registrants!

Saturday, Feb. 11, there will be a life celebration in memory of Angela Taylor. It will be 2-3 p.m. at the Payson Park Church in Belmont, Mass.

Happy birthday to Sheila Krasnow, Jan. 27; Sam Hyler, Eliza O’Donovan and Lucy Pickering landed on Jan. 30.

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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