Rockland shop features island artists

Kaitlyn Duggan and Barb Fernald have new work at the Archipelago shop in Rockland.

Santa Supper at Islesford Neighborhood House was planned for Saturday, Dec. 20. Cari Alley organized a lot. It was a potluck dinner; there was a special boat taking people back to Great Cranberry and Northeast Harbor. Neighborhood House was lovely, waiting to be filled.

Jeri Spurling had a group of carolers Thursday before Christmas. They went all around the island, including to Katelyn Damon’s and Barb Fernald’s homes. Carolers included Amy and Adele Palmer, Katya, April and Patrick Mocarsky and a number of others.

The EMTs on Islesford made what was probably the last run on the old ambulance. The new one needs some final preparation, then will take over. It’s hoped someone else gets the honor of First Ride. Thanks again to those who drive the ambulance and work directly with those in need, and to the captains who provide the on-water transportation to the ambulance service at Northeast Harbor. Day or night, EMTs are here, with a new class about to take the final exams for licensing. Good luck to them all, and many thanks to those who support the EMT service.

There was another incident of a whale’s body on Islesford. A humpback was found recently. It looked like it had been hit by a boat.

Richard Hill’s birthday was Dec. 30. Melissa Amuso greets her own new year just after New Year’s Day; her birthday is on Jan. 4. Mark Howard starts a new year on Twelfth Night, Jan. 5. Happy birthday and happy New Years to you all.

Sally Rowan & Eileen Richards

Sally Rowan & Eileen Richards

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