Residents are losers

To the Editor:

On Jan. 26, my wife and I sat through more than three hours of yet another contentious meeting of the town of Mount Desert Planning Board as they continued to deal with the licensing application for quarrying in our neighborhood.

We were attending the meeting, along with 15 or more neighbors who live in the portion of Hall Quarry adjacent to MacQuinn’s “grandfathered” quarry. I listened as two sound control engineering experts presented tables of various decibel measurements (i.e. noise), using some complex mathematical concepts and equations. They also spoke about how to best control and limit the noise levels, most of which were very perplexing to this listener.

Several of my neighbors stood and related highly emotional stories of how the noise from the quarrying activities had affected their homes and impacted their lives over the past few years.

I thought to myself; how could our town government ever have allowed this situation to happen? What will happen if the Planning Board does approve the quarrying license request? Who wins? Who loses?

The winners obviously will be a small group of business owners and their employees, most if not all of whom are not even taxpaying residents of the town of Mount Desert. These few people will be financially enriched.

The losers, we local taxpaying residents of the town, will suffer the continuing physical and emotional assault from the effects of high decibel industrial noise from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. (or later) five or more days per week.

Property values already have begun to drop as a result of the renewed quarrying in our neighborhood.

C.H. Breedlove

Hall Quarry

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