Puppet movie shares history

The Ashley Bryan School produced a shadow puppet movie they created in conjunction with Figures of Speech and other outer islands. Stories from the island include tall tales, humor and history. The 40-minute movie was shown at the school on May 31 and will be shown at The Criterion Theatre on June 10 at 7 p.m.

The joint church service was on Islesford this past Sunday, June 5. Tom Powell did the annual blessing of the fleet afterward, though a shorter procedure than planned because of rain.

This island fosters interconnection, like when the Island Ecology Project girls go around dropping off free produce to households and giving island-grown spinach to Cesar at Hitty’s Cafe to make pesto to feed visitors, when Darlene Sumner bakes delicious coconut lime pies to give to community members, when a community member hears about one of our elderly having a hard time and gives them a visit, spruces up their property or makes them a home-cooked meal, when someone volunteers their time seeding the Ladies Aid soccer field, or when Blair shows up with a pile of dirt just because he knew you might need it for something.

Summer vacation is starting, graduations are rolling along, and we’re about to have the summer solstice, but this week includes the earliest sunrise and the beginning of its heading back. On June 11, it rises at 4:47 a.m., then at 4:46 a.m. June 12-15. On Thursday, June 16, it goes back to 4:47 a.m. The sun will start setting earlier before the end of June. (I’ll duck now.)

Our Cranberry Isles high school graduate this year is Meg Stevens. She’s taking a “gap year” Enough students do that now that it has a name and organized programs. It used to just be “taking time off.” Ben Stevens and Paul Brumaghim already have graduated from college.

Trash pick-up will be every Monday starting June 6. Trash needs to be roadside by 8 a.m. and needs to be bagged. If anyone has questions regarding trash or pick-up and what is allowed for pick-up, they should call B.C.M. Construction at 276-5766 or the town office at 244-4475.

Birthdays got missed last week. Apologies to Carol Smith Hathaway, June 2; Susie McNamee and Phoebe Gray on June 3. Meg Stevens and Richard Alley partied on June 4 and Brigette Olearcek on June 5. Cory Duggan has a birthday party on June 11. Wanda Porter celebrates on June 12. Barbara Hathaway and Isaac Krasnow share June 13. Happy birthday to Roy Hadlock on June 15 and Barbara Wendelken Bryant on June 16.

Belated happy anniversary to Nan and Roy Hadlock on June 4.

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

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Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

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