Northeast Harbor
The noise was deafening in downtown Northeast Harbor on Tuesday as the “reclaiming” of Main Street began. PHOTO COURTESY OF SHAYLA WHITE

Public Works updates Main Street project

NORTHEAST HARBOR — According to Public Works Director Tony Smith, the Main Street contractor will begin reclaiming first thing Tuesday morning.

Reclaiming is a slow process that involves the existing pavement being ground up and left in place to establish a better base to put new placement on what is already there. The reclaiming is done using a large, loud machine that will travel the length of Main Street three or four times. This will make vehicle travel along Main Street difficult, slow and even impassable at times.

Drivers are asked to seek alternative routes.

The ground up pavement, also known as grindings, will be used to build the proper cross slopes of the roadway and establish the required elevations along it. If the amount of grindings produced is not enough, additional material will be brought in. If there are too many grindings produced, they will be removed from the site. Once the material is graded to proper slopes and elevations, it will be compacted followed by the first layer of pavement being placed for the summer. The surface layer will be placed in the fall.

The work that was being done last week involved lowering water service valves to below the depth that the reclaim machine will be grinding. This type of work will also be done to the sanitary sewer manholes and storm water catch basins. These will all be raised to the final elevation prior to placing the surface layer – final layer – of pavement.

Tentative work schedule

May 10, 11 and 12: Reclaiming existing pavement.

May 13, 14 and 16: Shaping/grading the road to proper slopes and elevations.

May 17, 18 and 19: Paving first layer of pavement.

The final day allowed for work, likely related to clean up, is Friday, May 27.


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