Postal problems still on table

I encourage all who are following the postal mail contract issue for Swans Island and Frenchboro to read the letter on the Facebook “Swan’s Island Information Page” addressed to the Megan J. Brennan, postmaster general and CEO of the United States Postal Service, from our congressional delegation (Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Angus King and Rep. Bruce Poliquin). In the letter, our delegation asks “that the postal service consider allowing transport of freight in the same vehicle as the mail when soliciting a permanent contract for mail delivery to the islands. … While we understand that it is not the postal service’s obligation to provide freight service, these circumstances seem to us to provide a unique opportunity for the postal service to think creatively about its contract, save money, extend goodwill and come to the aid of island residents, making it possible for these communities to continue to thrive. Please review the towns’ concerns and requests and provide any appropriate assistance to assure that they are addressed, consistent with all applicable laws and regulations.”

Clay Savage informs us about another issue in which Swans Islanders are speaking out: “It appears it is the season for petitions. There is a petition to encourage the Maine Department of Transportation to pave the state roads on the island before winter. The petitions can be found at the library, ferry terminal, wharfs and The Island Market and Supply. The signed petitions will be sent to state Rep. Walter Kumiega and Sen. Brian Langley after they are collected on Wednesday, Aug. 31.”

Kim Colbeth encourages us to expand our horizons: “Hey! Now that summer is almost over and your life might get boring, branch out! Always wanted to drive big, cool vehicles? How about having your own rolling chair and lots of pencils? Like being with lots of really great people? Plus getting paid for it? You know you have! Well, here you go! The school is searching for substitute bus drivers and substitute teachers. Think about it! Money, children, fun! Call Raylene Banks at the school at 526-4300 or 4301.”

Happy birthday to Keyona Dennard Colbeth, Nevora Stanley, Ho Youn “Lily” Ellison, Jeffrey L. Ellison, Jarid Wheelock and Terry A. Staples. Anniversary blessings to Chris and Lindsay Carlson and Gary V. and Angela J. Tapley.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

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