Physician to consult for free at Whole Health Center

BAR HARBOR — Dr. Meryl Nass, an internal medicine physician who retired from her practice at Mount Desert Island Hospital several years ago, will now be available to offer free medical consultations at The Whole Health Center, said center Director Paul Weiss.

Nass, who has practiced in Maine since 1997 and at MDI Hospital from 2003-2012, has had a distinguished career in which her special areas of expertise have led to invitations to consult with such bodies as The World Bank and the director of National Intelligence, and to testify before the U.S. Congress regarding anthrax vaccine, bioterrorism and Gulf War Syndrome.

Nass has made it a point in her long practice to address some of medicine’s more controversial and difficult-to-manage conditions, such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivities. She has a holistic perspective that includes nutritional supplementation, dietary adjustment and non-narcotic approaches to treating pain.

Nass currently volunteers as a physician at the Ellsworth Free Medical Clinic one day a week. But whereas the free clinic only sees people based on financial need, Nass wishes to make her long experience and expertise available as a free service to anyone having difficulty understanding or managing a challenging medical condition. Patients may choose to make donations to the nonprofit Whole Health Center.

Nass’ services at The Whole Health Center are purely consultative, Weiss said. She will not prescribe medication nor maintain “on-call” backup outside her counseling time. She will not replace a patient’s need for a primary care physician, but will offer information and support. Her services are in keeping with the statement of purpose of The Whole Health Center, which was founded in 1981 to offer physical and mental health counseling, as well as education in holistic and alternative approaches to personal health and well-being.

Call the center at 288-4128. To make an appointment with Nass, call her directly at 412-0040.

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