Outage tests islanders’ patience

This week’s power outage really takes the cake on the island-living inconvenience scale. It has been the longest outage in the past five years at least. With lines down across the eastern part of the state, it wasn’t really a surprise that the islands were without power for just short of a week. It’s the last place the power companies come to do repairs. Even for islanders who are generally prepared for outages, the length of time pushed the patience of many.

From Monday to Saturday, residents roughed it with generators, woodstoves, hand-pump water spigots and the use of the Ladies Aid on GCI. There was significantly more damage to power lines on Little Cranberry Island and no lines down on Great Cranberry, just a few precarious trees. Many on GCI were grateful for open doors at the Ladies Aid, where anyone could charge phones, get water and use the bathroom when necessary.

Luckily power was restored in time for the All Saint’s Dinner on Sunday, with great food cooked by Helen Bertles, Darlene Sumner and Rosalie Kell. Children put on a performance as part of the church service that preceded dinner. During dinner, little Audrey Sumner and Lew Powell said the word “stethoscope” and impressed their older peers. The kids are growing up fast.

At the library on Thursday, Ashley Bryan told the story “Tattercoats.” The kids made scarecrow cans. All was done without power and heat. Regular books work just fine without power. Like most of us, Cindy Thomas looked forward to having power back.

Thanks go to Mandy Bracy for her help keeping people warm during the power outage.

Thanks also go to Katelyn Damon for her frequent updating information for those on the islands. Thanks to the line workers who came from many other states to help New England get their services back in order, still an ongoing process as of the end of the week.

Kate Whitaker Chaplin and Bettina Reece blow out candles on Nov 13, followed by Katie Morse Fernald on Nov. 15. Happy birthday!

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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