New islander has house burned down

As we greet returning summer folk, we welcome new Swans Island resident Dennis Kranyak. A sticker on his car for the Citadel, a fine institution merely a stone’s throw from one of my alma maters, compelled me to approach him while waiting for the ferry. We wish him well in his island life.

While he certainly is not new to our hearts, Bill French has joined the ranks of property owners on our island. One of the first things he has done is burn down his house. He said, “I’d like to thank Fire Chief Robert Gardner and the Swan’s Island Fire Department for safely, securely and ‘fun-ly’ taking down the old house on Minturn Road on Sunday, June 3. We have a fine group of volunteer firefighters and I thank each one of you who helped!” Bill allowed the firefighters to use his house, Kenneth Turner‘s old house, for a live fire training.

Charlie Wiegle has informed us that we now have orange vessel identification stickers for canoe, kayak or rowboat: “These stickers have been made available to us by the U.S. Coast Guard. They are for all nonpowered watercraft — kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, rowboats, etc. (those without state registration numbers). This is to cut down on unnecessary searches and will also help you to get your craft back if it goes adrift. You can pick these up at the Town Office from Gwen May during her regular hours.”

Douglas Cornman has requested our help: “I am looking for an on-island person to help me coordinate a trash cleanup on Thursday, July 19. The Sunbeam is bringing a group of up to 25 volunteers to pick-up trash and debris. Please email me at [email protected] or call 479-0707 if you’re willing to help coordinate. Thanks, in advance.” Let’s help Douglas with his gracious offer.

Happy birthday to Angela J. Tapley, Charlie Wiegle, Karen Ann Martin, Gloria Mae Green, Agnes Robinson, Serena Staples Walker and Jill Andreas Philbrook. Anniversary blessings to Lawrence and Sheila Smith, Zeke and Lacey Freelove, and Clay and Jane Savage.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

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