Mink wreaks havoc

Bird owners on GCI have been tightening up their chicken coops, making sure any tiny cracks are sealed along doors and windows. There has been an extremely tenacious mink wreaking havoc among island flocks. The mink seems particularly interested in ducks, appropriate for a carnivore that spends much of its time in or near water, and at least three flocks of domestic ducks on GCI have been attacked. Mink often kill more than they can eat at one time, making them a particularly deadly threat.

In one night, Janice Murch lost five birds to a mink that had found its way into her barn this February. Mink will store what they cannot eat and come back to a kill if they can. Once they find a way into a barn, they continue to return each night. This is not a new problem to islanders. With few predators and abundant prey, the mink thrive on the Cranberries, moving easily through creeks across the islands, and although they are generally shy and elusive hunters, many islanders have seen the mostly nocturnal predators during the day. Any curious islanders who haven’t seen one can ask David Bunker, and he’ll show you his prized 3-pound taxidermy mink that he keeps atop of his refrigerator.

Jeri Spurling started April singing in “Fire in the Commons,” a musical written by Gray Fox. Audience members were invited/encouraged to participate. Jeri was the camp counselor Robyn and sang “Smiling All the Time,” one of several originals by Cox.

The pizza party hosted by Anna Fernald was enjoyed by all. Karen Fernald Smallwood provided the crusts and tomato sauce. Those who came brought the toppings they wanted. The pizzas were cooked at Karen and Hugh Smallwood’s yard on Hadlock Street. Pizza lovers made their pizzas at Anna’s, took them to Hugh’s outdoor oven, then came back and ate with others at Anna’s. Lindsay Eysnogle and Jason, Luciana and Marina Pickering; Anna, Paul and Bruce Fernald; Malcolm Fernald and Mary E. Schuch; Skip Stevens and Sally Rowan; Cory, Kaitlyn and Bode Duggan; David and Cindy Thomas; and Amy and Adele Palmer.

It’s now April, so unless there’s a freaky snowstorm, parking on the streets is allowed again on the Cranberry Isles.

The Islesford and Great Cranberry churches met together on Islesford for Palm Sunday on April 9. Passover started on Tuesday, April 11, and ends on April 18. Easter, both western and Orthodox, is April 16.

Monday, April 17, is Presidents’ Day, rolling together Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s birthdays. Here’s hoping for ideal weather for the Boston Marathon that day.

The Caring Hands Dental Clinic will be hosted by the Ladies Aid on GCI on Friday, May 19. They also will be at the Islesford Neighborhood House on Friday, June 16. Services will be provided by Dr. Oh. Call 667-6789 for further information and to schedule an appointment with them.

Happy belated birthday to April Mocarsky, who added another year on April 11. Happy birthday to Lindsay Eysnogle, Peter Philbrook and Brendan Ravenhill, each arriving on April 14 but in different years. Marya Goettsche Spurling’s birthday is on April 16. Quinn Emerson Gray chose April 18, and Amanda Ravenhill went with April 19.

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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