Mincemeat first puzzles, then delights

David and James Bunker have been making venison mincemeat all week in preparation for the holidays. For some, the dish is an island staple this time of year. For others, it’s not so familiar. When David generously brought mincemeat to his neighbors Sarah McCracken, Kayla Gagnon and Page Hill, they weren’t quite sure what to do with it. They had heard of mincemeat pie, but David had only given them the filling. Was the meat already cooked? How else did one eat mincemeat?

For those who don’t know, mincemeat is a mixture of dried fruit, spices, some sort of animal fat, meat and distilled spirits. These days, the meat is optional. Surely David Bunker would consider vegetarian mincemeat a travesty. David recommended making mince pie with the already cooked contents but also suggested spreading it on toast at breakfast. It can be added to muffins, used as a chutney on cheese plates or just eaten with a spoon. Regardless of how one eats this delicious treat, this rich island food tradition should be savored with every bite.

“Sometimes It’s Turkey, Sometimes It’s Feathers,” by Lorna and Lecia Balian, was last week’s story for the children at the Islesford Library. The kids made turkeys. Cindy Thomas, the librarian, said, “We did miss Ashley!” Ashley Bryan has gone to spend the holiday season with some of his extended family.

Ann Fernald and Sally Rowan spent a day off on a variety of errands and appointments. Joining forces and having a more casual pace than the usual nonstop rate made going to Ellsworth a good time.

Sally has spent most of the week off island and is very glad Steve and Amy Philbrook put her up some of the time to extend available appointments for dental, auto or anything else.

Happy birthday to Cari Alley. Upcoming birthdays include but are not limited to Beverly Sanborn on Nov. 27, Janice Murch on Dec. 28, Mark Alley on Dec. 30, Rebecca Sanborn on Dec. 1, Ruth Westphal on Dec. 9 and Paul Liebow on Dec. 10. And happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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