Meeting reveals lure of island living

The historical society open house was a big hit with live folk music from Ryan Martin and Ralph Stanley. Gary Friedman headed a community meeting to discuss strategic planning for the future of the historical society and CIRT. The kids played on the Slip ‘n’ Slide and kept the Whistler Cove Variety Shop bustling. During the community meeting and discussion, Friedman asked the crowd for feedback about what was important to islanders and what held people here despite isolation, harsh weather and the general inconvenience of island living. The responses were all unique, but in a sense, everyone was saying the same thing. They stayed because of the tight-knit family that is this community. They stay because, despite differences and disagreements, we all share this space and support each other. They stay for a sense of pride in persevering through the challenges that island living presents.

The GCI Library held its annual book and bake sale to raise funds for staff, supplies and of course books. Thank you, Janice Murch, Elaine Buchsbaum and Robin Freeman, who showed up early and stayed late to make it all happen.

Joanne and Becca Thormann hosted a baby shower for Becca’s daughter-in-law, Marieke Thormann. Marieke’s sister was on hand. Among the gifts were a pair of Birkenstock sandals, a beautiful sweater by and from Margaret Houghton, many pajamas, T-shirts (including one from the Little Cranberry Yacht Club), stuffed animals, books, a blanket by and from Cindy Thomas and much more. Joanne said at the beginning how nice it was to have a gathering of Islesford women, year-round and summer. Kate and Louise Chaplin; Susie McNamee; Geri and Serena Spurling; Erica Merrill; Amy Philbrook; Gretchen Blank, Meagan Falls and Margaret Houghton; Barb Fernald; Cindy Thomas; Starr Cummin Bright; Ellie Miller; Karen Smallwood; Jane Porter; Marian Baker; Jeanne Smith; Trinks Howard; Ronnie Hanson; Hannah Folsom; Eve Harrison; Cathy Sinnott; Barbara Bryant; Chris Sandberg; Sue Hill; and Tallulah Newlin were much of the party. Apologies to those whose names are missing.

The Little Cranberry Yacht Club-Community Sailing Education Foundation ( is off to a great start this year. Whit Chaplin is teaching rowing classes, and Tallulah Newlin and Olivia Stanley are instructing beginner, intermediate and advanced sailors. The LCYC-CSEF has coordinated class times with Islesford Boatworks so children can learn from both organizations. Current students are both year-round and summer residents of Great Cranberry and Little Cranberry Islands.

2017 will be the final season as program director for Starr Cummin Bright, who has overseen the LCYC and LCYC-CSEF sailing programs for the past 14 years. Lauren Simmons, a teacher for the Cranberry Isles School, is transitioning into becoming the new LCYC-CSEF program director over the course of this summer.

Music is in the air on Wednesday afternoons at Islesford Boatworks. Tony Archino hosts. Several guitar players, a banjo and a set of drums are on hand. Flutes, fiddles, recorders and any other instrument are welcome to join. Those who don’t play are welcome to come and join the singing or simply listen and enjoy.

Cranberry Cove ferry, from Southwest Harbor-Manset, now has six trips each day. It leaves Southwest Harbor on the odd hours, Manset 20 minutes past odd hours, Great Cranberry 40 minutes past odd hours. It leaves Islesford on the even hours, Great Cranberry 20 minutes past, arrive at Manset at 40 minutes past even hours and back to Southwest Harbor for the odd hour.

On July 10, at 7:30 p.m., the children’s movie will be “The Sandlot,” a comedy about a neighborhood baseball team of young boys. Children younger than 6 need an older escort to help them watch. An older relative, neighbor or babysitter will be welcome. The Heads of State movie downstairs will be “Iron Lady,” about Margaret Thatcher.

The Northeast Harbor Library will host Poetry Reading: Local Poets in the Mellon Room on Wednesday, July 12, at 5:30 p.m. Christian Barter of Bar Harbor will be the master of ceremonies. Gary Rainford of Swans Island, Skip Stevens of Islesford and Mary Sherman Willis of Mount Desert and Virginia will read.

The Cranberry Isles Rescue Service Auction is coming up. Kelly and Norman Sanborn will host it on Sunday, Aug. 13, on Great Cranberry. BBQ at noon, followed at 1:30 p.m. by the auction, with Gary Allen as the auctioneer. Kelly and Katelyn Damon are the organizers. Volunteers and items for auction are welcome.

Happy birthday to Steve Shirey on July 7. Ellen Stolpe’s birthday is July 10. Rubye Alley adds another candle on July 11, and Aaron Gray has another to blow out on July 12. Ashley Bryan’s birthday is on July 13. Karin Whitney will celebrate on July 15. Creighton Murch has a birthday on July 18. It’ll be Rob St. Germain and Elaine Buchsbaum’s birthday on July 22.

Happy birthday to all!

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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