Let’s talk turkeys

The turkeys have just gone too far. Does anyone want four huge turkeys that are around 3-4 years old? If so, contact Bonnie Joyce Staples. She bemoans that when they flap their wings and are in the stall with husband Donnie, they knock him right into the corner. “It has happened once too often. They just need to be ‘outta’ here!!”

A number of our students have recently garnered accolades and awards for their academic, athletic and humanitarian accomplishments. Congratulations to Kimberly Banks for making the Thomas College dean’s list for the fall 2016 term and to Dori LeMoine who placed ninth in the state for shot put. We also are proud of Tyler Philbrook, who spent his college break building a house in Delaware for Habitat for Humanity.

We have been blessed in two areas of transportation. First, we extend a big thank you to the Pemetic school for loaning us a bus until ours is back on the road. Second, our ferry, Captain Henry Lee, is back! With our larger capacity ferry, we hopefully will not continue experiencing being left behind on cold winter days.

Jane Savage sent us, via the Swans Island Ferry Terminal, a memo from Dan McNichol, port captain, of the Maine State Ferry Service: “Subject: Trailer Hitch–Receivers. We are asking any vehicle drivers who have a removable trailer hitch/receiver to remove them before boarding the vessel. They are considered to be a tripping hazard to both passengers and crew and at times restrict the usable deck space for embarking an additional vehicle. Thank you.”

Gwen May requested: “The historical society is looking for volunteers to scan, transcribe and catalog. The transcribing can be done at home, but the scanning and cataloging must be at the historical society center at the town office. If you are interested, please contact Gwen May or Bev McAloon. Leave us a private message, call us or drop by when I am in the office.”

All voting members of the Swans Island Electric Cooperative Inc. should have their official 2017 ballot in hand by now. Please vote and return it to Swans Island Electric Cooperative so that it arrives no later than Wednesday, March 15. Make your vote count!

The latest update on Barbara Matthews’ address is: Room 15, Eastside Center for Health and Rehabilitation, 516 Mount Hope Ave., Bangor, ME 04401. Cards will find their way to her even if you use her Swans Island address, but use this new address, and it goes directly to her.

Happy birthday to Emily Banks, Isabella Grace LeMoine, Colleen Turner, Kevin Staples, Christal Anne Applin and Donna Wiegle.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

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