Ladies double dip to check water temperature

Joy Sprague, Cindy Thomas and Barb Fernald went to Sand Beach, “getting ‘er done before the polar vortex makes a visit.” They took a double dip and have shivers to pass around. Barb says they each guessed a different water temperature. Joy said 49 degrees, Cindy said 52, and Barb’s guess was 54 degrees, and they each were on target. The official temperatures were 53 degrees at the Eastern Maine Shelf buoy and 50 degrees at the buoy in Bar Harbor. This dip was exactly what Barb needed as she prepared to take some jewelry on the road.

Barb’s trip included having a trunk show at Cliff and Val Storm’s in Connecticut and Susie McNamee’s in Rye, New York. She went on to Baltimore to see her son Robin and daughter-in-law, Stephanie.

Tom and Becca Powell are back from vacation. Becca was down at Gordon College for a couple of days, and is glad to be home for foul weather.

The annual EMT in Rockport was this week. Several EMTs from TCI attended. Allan McCormick, Cory Duggan, David Rackliff, Kelly Sanborn, Luke Abell, Hugh Smallwood, Peyton Eggleston and Katelyn Damon represented the CIRS (Cranberry Isles Rescue Service). Margaret Houghton and Paul Fernald represented NEHAS (Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service.) Hugh and Peyton came up from Baltimore where they work as EMTs through the winter.

Marian Baker sent a notice: “I just want to let the Cranberry Isles community know that Sarah (Sally) Wriggins died peacefully in her sleep last week at Kendal Retirement Community in Hanover, New Hampshire. She was 92. Sally was a longtime summer resident of Islesford, coming for a visit just about every summer since the mid 1950s. Although she lived in Seattle; Washington, D.C.; Sri Lanka; Riverdale, New York; and Hanover, I think Islesford was her favorite place on the planet.”

Sally was Chris Wriggins’ mother and Danny and Adam‘s grandmother. We islanders send our sympathy.

Susie Krasnow and Ashley Bryan went to the Children’s Literature New England meetings in Vermont on Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday. Ashley was one of the presenters; Susie one of the visitors. From there, they went on to Bangor for “Maine Libraries: Expanding Your Possibilities,” the 2014 Joint Library Conference by MLA and MASL (Maine Association of School Libraries), held at The Cross Center. Again, Ashley was one of the presenters.

Cari Alley gets another candle on her birthday cake on Monday, Nov. 25. Happy Birthday, Cari!

It’s a November “birthday bonanza” from Cranberry as we notify you of all the celebrations for the month. Make sure you get your Nov. birthday cards in the mail before your Christmas cards. Ready? Nov. 1 was the birthday of Catherine Perry Spangler. On Nov. 4, Arvard Savage turned 84, Betsy Hall celebrated a birthday, and Katy Kehoe did too. Larry Allen‘s birthday was Nov. 6. Nov. 7 saw Mia Templeton turn another year older. Nov. 10 was the special day of Bill Dowling. Nov. 13 happy birthday wishes went out to Kathy Graven. Three handsome men were birthday boys on Nov. 14 as Michael King, Terry Savage and Geoff Wadsworth celebrated with friends and family. Nov. 17 is the birthday of Josslyn Zuck, and on Nov. 18, George Harlan will celebrate. George and his lovely wife Charlotte also celebrated their wedding Anniversary on Nov. 4. Congratulations. Jameson Deane Garvey will blow out candles on Nov. 22, as will Blue Morales on Nov. 24. Beverly Sanborn and Cristy Benson share Nov. 27 as their birth date. Happy birthday Ladies. Janice Murch will celebrate her birthday with family in Ohio on Nov. 28, and three birthdays round out the month with Peter Humphry, our own Mark Alley and Noel Guadaloupe Hazel Cabrera, granddaughter of Dorothy Silvers. Many happy returns of the day to you all. Two more anniversaries to celebrate are Art Pike and Barbara Robinson on Nov. 25 and John and Kathy Zuck on Nov. 26. Congratulations.

Sally Rowan & Eileen Richards

Sally Rowan & Eileen Richards

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