Kids boogied on ‘dance floor’

The students of the Ashley Bryan School had a great field trip to Baker Island, a rare treat made possible by Norman and Kelly Sanborn. Baker Island is not easy to get to. There is no dock, and only small boats can land on the beach. There is a mooring for larger boats. It is a fun trip for kayakers in good weather. Baker Island is further out but within sight of Islesford and Great Cranberry. It is a small island now managed by Acadia National Park. The kids had a great time on the “dance floor,” a large flat slab of pink granite that has been used in the past for picnics and summer dancing. They also got to see the lighthouse and the homestead. No one lives on the island now, but at one time, there were brave souls who made a home there.

Richard A “Chuddy” Alley Sr. died Sept. 14. Chuddy grew up on Great Cranberry and moved to Islesford when he married Lillian Bryant. In 2014, Chuddy received the medals he had earned during World War II; he had become separated from his unit while he was sick, then his records were among those lost in a military building’s fire. After recovering, he shuttled officers on boats that had been built in Southwest Harbor. Chuddy became a lobsterman for years and then was a carpenter who on retirement graciously supplied things needed from what became known as his “hardware store.” Chuddy was known for waving from his kitchen window to people walking up Main Street. He is survived by his children, Richard A. “Rick” Alley Jr. of Islesford and Sue Miller of Southwest Harbor; six grandchildren, including Andy Moody, Cory Alley and Jeremy Alley, all on Islesford; and several great-grandchildren, including islanders Brenna Sullivan and Rubye and Wyatt Alley. He is predeceased by Lil; his youngest daughter, Julie Alley; and four brothers and a sister.

The Islesford Historical Society had its annual meeting at the Neighborhood House on Sept. 9. Thank you, Nan Hadlock, for displaying some of the pieces from the society’s room off the library and the various island histories by Hugh Dwelley. Thanks also to Karin and Phil Whitney for bringing DVDs about Ralph Stanley’s life and career as a boat captain, wooden boat builder and violin maker.

The churches on Islesford and Great Cranberry had a joint service on Sunday, Sept. 24, at Great Cranberry. Ann Fernald, Jack and Ellie Miller, Sally Rowan and Skip Stevens went over from Islesford. Linda and Dan Lunt, accompanied by their young companion Finn, took them over for the 10:30 a.m. service. A well-attended lunch was held after the service.

This is the time to get in the field trips for the island kids, and this week is a big one: two nights and three days camping on Mohegan Island. As part of the inter-island collaborative, all the island kids get together in the fall and in the spring. Each island takes turns hosting the group once a year. This is a chance to catch up with friends made last year. And there are some new kids in the group. Still, the handful of kids from Cliff, Matinicus, Isle au Haut, Frenchboro and, of course, the Cranberry Isles are a small group. These kids stay in touch through the internet, but there is nothing like being there in person. Also, there’s nothing like sharing the unique adventure of living on an island, something all these kids have in common.

Bye-bye, September. Next week’s paper will be October. Dig out the rakes. Some of the gardens are being covered for … well, let’s not name that season. The actual sunrise and sunset will be 12 hours apart this Saturday at 6:24 a.m. and p.m. The shadows are getting longer sooner, and the sun’s angle is changing to the long side of the Islesford Dock restaurant, setting over the Southwest Harbor side of Mount Desert Island instead of over Great Cranberry.

Apologies for the absence of Islesford news the past two weeks. Snafus happen.

Briggs Gray was in the middle of things on Sept. 14, followed by Xander Amuso on Sept. 15. Happy birthday to Brenna Sullivan on Sept. 17. Nicko Hadlock adds a candle on Sept. 18. Joanne Thorman’s birthday is the first day of autumn, Sept. 21. Abe Philbrook and the younger Hugh Smallwood share Sept. 23. The islands’ friend Rob Benson gets a cake on Sept. 25. Natasha Olearcek’s birthday is on Sept. 27, and Cyrus Moulton’s Sept. 29. October begins with Amy Philbrook’s birthday on Oct. 2.

Islesford anniversaries were under wraps as well. Stephanie Austin and Robin Fernald celebrated their anniversary on Sept. 10. Kaitlyn and Cory Duggan enjoyed Sept. 20, and Cari and Cory Alley added another on Sept. 23.

Happy birthday and anniversary to all!

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected], and for Great Cranberry, email Jennifer Walls at [email protected]




Sally Rowan and Jennifer Walls

Sally Rowan and Jennifer Walls

We look forward to reporting the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected], and for Great Cranberry, reach Jennifer Walls at [email protected]
Sally Rowan and Jennifer Walls

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