Jesup meets challenge

BAR HARBOR — Supporters of the Jesup Memorial Library donated $10,000 to trigger a “$10K in 10 days” matching donation by Emily Sabah-Maren through the Thomas H. Maren / Emily Sabah-Maren Fund of the Maine Community Foundation.

The library would like to thank everyone who helped. “Your generous support is appreciated more than words can say,” a spokesman said.

“I am so proud of our community for coming through as they did!”

said Ruth Eveland, library director.

As a private nonprofit that serves as the town’s public library, the Jesup receives 4.8 percent of its annual funding from the town. Another 49.3 percent comes from a permanent endowment. The rest comes from those who prize the shared resources, programs, access to information and opportunities provided by the Jesup.

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