Islanders run in NYC Marathon

Congratulations to GCI runners Michael Westphal and Gary Allen for completing the New York marathon Sunday. These two continue to cover immeasurable distance, encouraging others to find ways to do the same, whether by running a mile or jumping even the smallest hurdles in their daily lives.

Ashley Bryan had an hour-long presentation of his new book, “Freedom over Me,” at the Portland Public Library. The audience was about 200; Chris Wriggins said about 15 percent were those who know Ashley from Islesford, including Donna and Henry Isaacs; Soos and Steve Krasnow; Dan Field and Ronnie Hanson; Jay Houghton, Biz Houghton; Marian Baker and Chris Wriggins; and Cliff and Jeanne Smith.

Have you ever sat down as many writers have, to begin a story, only to go back, scratch it out and begin again? It may be reassuring to know that even great writers struggle with beginnings, as Melissa Sweet told the audience at The Longfellow School this Friday. Melissa is an author and illustrator who shared insights from her own personal work and the works of E.B White, a prominent Maine writer whose life and times Melissa chronicled in her book “Some Writer.” Melissa’s creative biography on White reads like a journal with quotes, bits and pieces of his drafts from his most famous book, “Charlotte’s Web,” and photos from White’s life. Sweet’s artwork adds a third dimension and her own personal touch to the story. Melissa shared the realities of working as an artist and writer with the class and community at Longfellow, closing her talk with one take-home message from White: “that a writer has an obligation to transmit, as best he can, his love of life, his appreciation for the world.” To learn more about White’s life and creative processes, you can check out her book, “Some Writer,” from The GCI library.

The Island Ecology Project has added a new hoop house to their gardens and would like extend thanks to the community for lending supplies and support to the endeavor.

It’s deer season. I got to see one be skinned after hanging outside overnight. It was harder to skin, but the meat tastes better if the deer us not skinned immediately. The skin goes to an extended family member who makes deerskin slippers, hats and other clothes. We talked about the number of tracks we see in the snow and the families/cohorts of deer we occasionally see in the evening. There once was a single one on Islesford, crossing from Ann Fernald’s yard toward the library. No others with it, the rest were already at the library, patiently waiting.

Thanks again to Hugh Smallwood for making a lovely wooden table for the Ladies’ Parlor at Islesford Neighborhood House. It was a busy place in the summer for internet use, and it stays in use during the academic year, thanks to the T1 donation to all schools and libraries a number of years ago. Skip Stevens, still teaching at Coppin State in Baltimore from here, likes the table and the new chairs that match its height well. Cindy Thomas keeps tabs on how many people use it for the library statistics.

Neighborhood House had worthwhile renovation and upgrading with full insulation last year, and increased use shows it to have been a good investment.

Operation Christmas child will have a packing party at the Ladies Aid on Sunday, Nov. 13, from 10:45 a.m. to 12 p.m. Church will be held at 10 a.m. that day.

Many happy returns go to Bill Dowling on Nov 10. Kate Chaplin and Bettina Reece split Nov. 13. Katie Morse Fernald chalks up another on Nov. 15.

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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