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There were two large gatherings on Islesford: Monday was the Ashley Bryan Center’s dedication of the new Story Teller Pavilion, and Tuesday was “Rock the Dock,” a celebration of Cynthia and Dan Lief’s work over the last 24 years with the Islesford Dock restaurant.

On Monday, the Story Teller Pavilion of the Ashley Bryan Center was dedicated. Speakers included minister Elaine Hughes, artists Daniel and Marcia Minter and Nick Clark, who met with Ashley several times in Boston to design the pavilion. The center will display Ashley’s puppets and stained-glass windows, all of which were made from what most people see as island litter: beach glass, remnants of traps on beaches, acorn caps and shells, among other things. Musician Ryan Blotnick composed a piece for the occasion and was joined by Beau Lisy in its playing.

“Rock the Dock” organizers included Marci Lief, Marian Baker, Frank Reese, Judith Tinyan, Jeff Lauren, Susie McNamee and Jeri Spurling. They did a wonderful job, and the party was a warm celebration of all Dan and Cynthia have done through the years. Many thanks to all those who worked with them and took care of the details.

Jacob and Matt Lief came, as did many others from the island and “from away.”

The Reese family started the program with the song “Sweet IDR,” joined by those present for the chorus. Marci Lief gave a history of Dan seeing the old form of the Dock and dreaming of buying the restaurant. Dan’s response was how much he preferred the Islesford Dock to life in the business world.

Among the rest of the participants, Marian Baker did a rap song and presented a pottery vase.

Barb Fernald wrote a poem about the restaurant, updating a similar contribution from the last anniversary celebration. Bruce Fernald spoke about how much he had enjoyed the time he and Barb spent with Dan and Cynthia for dinners and how much he learned from them about cooking.

Jeri Spurling adapted the theme from Alice’s Restaurant and presented a spoken history of the dock. With help from Kirby Sholl and Maura, who have a long history with the restaurant, Jeri named many of its workers through the years and hinted at some of the things that had happened. Chris Hathaway joined Jeri with a description of Cynthia’s taking reservations for the dining room, with who-sits-where x’s on the table plans being pretty flexible.

Laura Merrill spoke about her time working there and how for many years after she missed a summer Dan said how glad he was she was back.

Kate Chaplin reported how much Courtney Chaplin did getting the kitchen operating, and how often Dan called to ask for help with a problem. The problems often were resolved by using a switch, and Courtney was eventually able to talk over the phone instead of heading down to the restaurant during his own supper time at home. Kate also thanked the Liefs for her summers of work and their tradition of going down to the next generation of a family, with Louise Chaplin on staff this year.

Kirby Sholl received this year’s Stanley Cup for his time in the kitchen at the Islesford Dock. The cup was started by the Stanley family to honor Joe Stanley, a longtime dishwashing staff member. Congratulations, Kirby!

Jeff Dobbs filmed the evening and has given the production to Dan and Cynthia. Thank you, Jeff.

There was a jelly bean-counting contest at the Cranberry House. Michael Turner from Ohio was the winner with his guess – 2,560 jelly beans in the box. The actually amount was 2,451, so Michael was just 109 jelly beans over the right amount. His prize was the jelly beans and a gift card of $30 at Hitty´s Cafe. Congratulations, Michael!

This past Friday, Aug. 19, Kariah Sumner had her ninth birthday party at Cranberry House, which was well attended with kids from both islands. One of her many gifts was an angora rabbit. They all enjoyed the movie “The Gabby Douglas Story” and after the movie, the water slide was set up again outside the Cranberry House, and all the kids had some slippery fun.

The Cranberry Island Tennis Club held its annual Wimbleberry tournament earlier this month. Jim Kehoe, club president, announced the results at the victory party held at the home of Chris Johnston. Rosie Silvers is the women’s singles champion this year. Rosie, together with partner Abi Rome, was victorious in women’s doubles. Mark Williamson is the men’s singles champion. The father-and-son team of David and Ben Weibel earned the men’s doubles trophy. Winners of the mixed doubles are Abi Rome and David Encarnation. Congratulations to everyone who played and participated.

The Futures Group of Cranberry has collected all the community surveys for the gym and is in the process of compiling responses. They are grateful for everyone who participated, as the group’s goals are to better serve the needs of GCI and they can do that to the best of their ability only with feedback from the community, so thank you!

Year-round community member and founder of the Island Ecology Project Sarah McCracken is back. Great Cranberry is elated to see her back on island with her beloved dog Louie. She studied herbalism in California for four months, learning about the healing properties of plants. We’re happy those California poppies and the sunshine didn’t suck her in and that she came back to the good ol’ island.

Ashley Bryan was at the Festival of Faith & Writing back in April. The festival’s program coordinator, Sarah Turnage, became friends with Ashley, visited him on Islesford. Issue 19 of the festival’s newsletter “Bookkeeping” is an extended volume because of her article about Ashley and Islesford.

On Aug. 18, at the LCYC-Community Sailing and Education Foundation end of year party at Helen Merrill’s. Two trophies were awarded to sailing program participants for their enthusiasm for sailing. Claire Collier (Shirey family) won the Bright-Merrill Bowl for wanting to constantly be sailing and messing around in boats. Pearl Tolliver-Shaw received the Zuckerman Bowl for her enthusiastic interest in sailing, good sportsmanship and most progress in sailing skills. Congratulations!

A CPR class will be at the Islesford Neighborhood House on Monday, Aug. 29, starting at 9:30 a.m. Take advantage of this opportunity.

The last movie of the summer is “To Kill a Mockingbird” featuring Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch and Robert Duvall’s first time on screen. Upstairs, “Wreck-it Ralph” will be screened (PG).

School starts this year on Sept. 1 on Great Cranberry Island after serious work renovating that building. Islesfordians are invited to join them at the start of the day for their opening outside and their ceremony going inside. Come one, come all. Here’s to clear weather!

Party hearty. There are a number of birthdays this week. Meagan Blank’s birthday party is on Aug. 26. Mary Bridget Horvath celebrates on Aug. 27. Cindy Thomas, Beatrice Amuso, Deborah Bunker and Patricia Bailey share Aug. 28. Bruce Fernald has cake on Aug. 29. Abigail Singerling, Madison Carver Harlan and Ingrid Gaither were born on Aug. 30. John Lomas will ring in another year on Aug. 31.

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

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