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Fall continues to bring time for reflection and crisp, cool air in the early mornings out on the island. The last of the crops are to be harvested: carrots, beets, potatoes, squash and pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! Flower bulbs and garlic are being planted in the ground to stay dormant until the warmth of spring returns. Fallen fire-colored leaves crunching under our feet remind us of the changes continually happening all around us.

This past weekend, many islanders had fire under their feet while running in the MDI Marathon on the day of a full moon. Great Cranberry Islander Gary Allen organized yet another incredible and inspiring event with the help of many amazing volunteers, including his son Patrick Allen. His 14-year-old daughter, Matilda, ran the half marathon at 2 hours, 28 minutes, 31 seconds, ranking third in her division. Way to kick butt, Matilda.

Inspirational islander Mike Westphal spoke at the MDI Marathon spaghetti dinner the evening before the race and finished the marathon with a time of 3:48:09. At 8 minutes, 43 seconds per mile, he qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Katelyn Damon, Lindsay Eysnogle and Emily Wright ran the MDI Marathon as a team. Congratulations to all the runners who participated. It was a motivational event to witness such physical and mental strength, power and perseverance.

This past week, island kids participated in a running event as well. They spent a day on the beautiful Swans Island for the annual interisland cross-country meet. Swans treated the Cranberry Isles kids great, with great food, great competition and great teamwork. A special thank you goes to Coach Cliff for your leadership and for coordinating this for our runners. A special thank you goes to Douglas Cornman for hosting our islanders on Sunbeam to get over to Swans.

Skip Stevens and Sally Rowan went to Baltimore. Along with the usual time at the college and time with Baltimore family, they went to Durham, N.C., over the weekend for enjoyable time with Ben Stevens and Andrea Ruby. Hurricane Matthew knocked some trees down in the Durham area, and there was plenty of rain, but nothing near the easternmost part of the state.

Isaac Krasnow is using his culinary skills from IDR and is moving to Portland. He wants to work more in the restaurant business. Go, Isaac!

It’s not only the full moon that makes islanders feel a change but the apparent change in transportation on and off island. As of last week, Beal and Bunker had switched to its winter schedule, so plan accordingly. However, a limited boat schedule does give more of an excuse to be stranded on the Cranberries, which is never a bad thing.

The birthday party for Finn McGuiness is on Oct. 26. Happy birthday, Finn!

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

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Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

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