Islanders clean up on Earth Day

A good handful of the community on GCI ventured out into the cold and rain Saturday to honor Earth Day and practice a bit of reciprocation to the land that gives us so much. Being on an island, confined to a smaller piece of familiar land with transportation so strongly dictated by the weather, people here tend to be more connected to the natural world. Islanders study tides, the colors in the morning sky and the fluctuations in sea life, changing their routine to suit the Earth’s rhythms. On Saturday in order to give back, the Earth Day warriors split into teams, some walking the roads and others walking the shore line, picking up trash that had accumulated in those areas. The crew picked up as much as they could until their clothes were soaked and their hands were cold, then headed home. The roads were finished the next day in better weather. The Earth says “thank you” to all who participated.

Phil and Karin Whitney are back from a much-needed vacation in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and Easter in Ohio. Gail Colby has been welcomed home after a stint in the hospital and has been recovering smoothly. She was happy to have her birthday at home on GCI on April 18.

Dan Field and Ronnie Hanson are spending some time in France. They have posted photos from time in Provence and Arles. So far, so good.

Elizabeth T is about to resume duty as the commuter boat on May 1, with only the morning run. (Is it really already May?!) Which means – drum roll, please – the mail boat will revert to the 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. trips from Northeast Harbor to the islands. Spring has sprung.

On Saturday, May 13, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Kayla Gagnon and Sarah McCracken will do a plant walk and talk followed by a demonstration on salve making at the Islesford Neighborhood House. They will share herbal knowledge they have picked up from a number of mentors they have worked with. There is no charge for the class. Sarah has posted an invitation on the Cranberry Isles Information Page on Facebook so they know how many people to expect and how many supplies to bring.

Sara Vosloo will be the new health aide on Islesford. Many thanks go to Melissa Amuso and Serena Spurling for their good work.

The Caring Hands Dental Clinic will be on Islesford in June. On Friday, June 16, they will be at the Islesford Neighborhood House. Call 667-6789 for further information and to schedule an appointment with them.

Birthdays on May 1 include Tom Morse, Sofie Meyers Dowling and Peter Benson. Richard Dudman’s party will be on May 3. Barb Shirey Fernald has a birthday dinner on May 4. Mike Westphal will have his birthday on May 13, and Lucas Cominsky will celebrate on May 15.

Sally Rowan and Skip Stevens will celebrate their anniversary on April 28. Cindy and David Thomas’ anniversary is May 2.

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected] com, and for Great Cranberry, email Sarah McCracken at [email protected] or call her at 978-879-5939.
Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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