Hero in postal problem emerges

A most important hero of our island, along with his many helpers, is Keith Harriton. A popular summer resident of Swans Island even before his latest successes, Keith is the attorney who has been representing L.J. Hopkins and Brian Krafjack in the matter against the U.S. Postal Service. Keith’s latest update to us contains fantastic news for both Swans Island and Frenchboro. In short, the contracted solicitations have been amended to allow nonpostal cargo to be transported concurrently with mail, both in vehicles and the boat serving Frenchboro; the two solicitations have been combined into one, such that Frenchboro’s mail is under the Swans Island transportation contract as it always had been; L.J. will be able to bid on the USPS contract; and, if he is awarded the contract, he also will be responsible for working with Brian Krafjack to provide mail and freight service to residents of Frenchboro.

We extend our thanks to Link Hart and Eric Chetwynd for all the repairs and work done at the lighthouse recently. Their latest job was repairing the bulkhead, and we are appreciative of their work.

Gwen May notified us that she will be out of the office on Thursday, Sept. 15. “ I know it is the last day to pay your taxes before interest starts, but the state of Maine chose that day for a motor vehicle workshop. You can leave your checks on my desk or give them to Dexter.”

Jane Savage keeps us informed from the Swans Island Terminal: “On Thursday night, Sept. 15, due to work needed on the winch at Swans Island, Henry Lee will be out of service for the night after the 5:15 p.m. trip from Bass Harbor until the first boat at 6:45 a.m. the next morning, Friday, Sept. 16.” As always, we thank Jane for her communications to us.

Happy birthday to Eden Tamulonis, Rev. Ken Dutille, Raylene Banks, Hannah Grace Joy, Jerry Cease, Fern Burns, Sheila Smith, “Sput” Staples, Sue Estler, Matt Lane, Randy Sawyer and Harlan Lunt. Anniversary blessings to Eric and Fran Chetwynd, Dusty and Tammie Staples, Ed and Deb Schwabe, David and Annette Joyce, David and Kathleen LeMoine, John and Holly Kitchen and Josh and Christal Applin.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

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