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Saturday was Great Cranberry’s hosting of The Great Run, the marathon, ultra and relay sponsored by Crow Athletics. The marathon is sanctioned/certified as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon and the U.S. Olympic Trials, and can even be the site of a new world record. It all started at 11:30 a.m., and those doing the ultra could run until 5:30 p.m. It was an incredible display of power and strength as well as highly inspirational to see what humans can do when they are determined. Islesford sent a six-hour relay team, Bass No Treble, with Katelyn Damon, Lindsay Eysnogle, Lauren Simmons and Emily Wright, who now lives on Mount Desert Island.

Richard Howland, Hugh Smallwood and Peyton Eggleston were there with their EMT radios to support Great Cranberry’s EMTs, Tom Powell and Kelly Smith Sanborn. Sally Rowan was at the water/Gatorade/GU table and had her camera. Jasmine Samuel was there on Saturday to watch the race, as was Jeremy Alley. Scott and Junior Bracy provided the runners with lobster. The farm girls provided the run’s first ever salad with fresh, local greens.

The ladies volunteering for the Island Ecology Project held their first farm stand of the season this past Saturday. It was a huge success, providing the community with local lettuce, greens, radishes and a plethora of herbs for sale. They are now providing Hitty’s Cafe with locally grown goodies and occasionally stocking the Cranberry General Store with their produce. They will be at the apple orchard every Saturday from 9-12 p.m. and encourage other community members to join them.

An Islesford party honoring Andrea Ruby and Ben Stevens’ wedding was at Neighborhood House on Thursday, June 17. Stefanie Alley; Tony, Sarah and Hank Archino; Gretchen Blank and Oliver Blank; Ashley Bryan; Peyton Eggleston; Ann Fernald; Barb Fernald; Paul Fernald; Ronnie Hanson and Dan Field; Chris Hathaway; Shorty and Bobby Williams; Cynthia and Dan Lief; Ellie and Jack Miller; Abe Philbrook and Kate Breau; Hugh and Karen Smallwood; Sally and Skip Stevens; Jeri and Ted Spurling; and Cindy and Dave Thomas joined Andrea and Ben to celebrate. Ben left on June 18 with Maine Maritime Academy’s voyage on State of Maine until early August; Andrea will work at the Islesford Dock restaurant until then.

Would you like a dip to go with that sunny day? Cindy Thomas and Barb Fernald said very much so and headed down to Sand Beach Friday afternoon.

At the Islesford Library, take a look at a dozen beautifully illustrated new picture books, thanks to Ashley Bryan and the RLL Fund, a fund he created in Rosamond Lord’s name to benefit the island children in arts and crafts. The major project of the RLL Fund this year was ceramicist Kaitlyn Duggan as artist-in-residence at the Ashley Bryan School. See the new photo book (by Sarah Corson) at the library showing Kaitlyn working with the schoolchildren. The Great Cranberry Library has a copy, too.

Early Sunday morning, many community members noticed a large swarm of bees outside the church. A bee swarm can be unsettling, as it is a dark mass of buzzing, but bee swarms are nothing to fear. It is actually when honey bees are most docile. Community members contacted someone they thought could help, bee whisperer Page Hill, who set up a temporary hive next to the pillar at the church where the honey bees are starting to nest with help from Gary Allen and Scott Bracey. The hope is to encourage our friendly pollinator buddies to move into that hive to relocate them to a better place.

Many events are taking place this coming week at the Cranberry House. Bob DeForrest of Maine Coast Heritage Trust will present a lecture at Cranberry House Arts Center on Wednesday, June 29, at 4 p.m. on the Maine Coast Heritage Trust and its role in preserving island lands for future generations.

Becca Powell will host an individual art exhibit at Cranberry House Arts Center from Thursday, June 23, through Thursday, June 30. The title of the exhibit is “The Cranberry Isles: 100 Views in Paper.”

The Maine Sea Coast Mission will sponsor bringing a group of volunteers to Cranberry House on Wednesday, June 29, to help clean up the shores of Whistler Cove and Preble Cove. The group will arrive on Sunbeam at 10 a.m. and depart at 3 p.m. Cranberry House will host the work event. Any island volunteers interested in joining the group are encouraged to gather at Cranberry House at approximately 11 a.m. Let’s show love for our home and our earth by taking time to help clean our shores from the unwanted trash that washes up.

A graveside funeral for Dennis Fernald will be on July 10 at noon. This would have been his 50th wedding anniversary. Lisa Fernald Payne and the rest of the family will be on the island starting July 8; her mother will stay until the first week of September.

Henry Isaacs will blow out candles on June 24; Susan Locke Pierson will celebrate on June 28. Cynthia Eiseman Lief and Becca Powell will party on June 29.

Jeanne and Cliff Smith will celebrate an anniversary on June 28, followed by Christina Spurling and Andrew Trepenier on June 30.

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected], and for Great Cranberry, email Kayla Gagnon at [email protected]
Sally Rowan and Kayla Gagnon

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