Give three cheers to Mary Schuch

Welcome to Jen Walls, our new writer from Great Cranberry!

Katelyn Damon writes “Congratulations to Mary Schuch on passing her NREMT written exam last week! Mary can now submit for her Maine EMS license and become a responding member of the Cranberry Isles Rescue Service! Way to go Mary! Your hard work paid off, and we are happy to have you join the team!”

Three cheers to Mary, and thank you for giving to the town this way.

It’s been a quiet week, with some of the biggest news being that the boats have all their runs; the temperatures are on the rise; the whale is gone (and has been for a couple of weeks now); people are out for walks and runs; and some have gone to the beach, though not yet in bathing suits. Lindsay Eysnogle and Kaitlyn Duggan took Lucy Pickering and Bode Duggan to the beach bundled up in winter clothes.

We had snow on Thursday morning that was deep enough to need boots, but it was gone by lunch. Beech tree bark now looks white, not the silver it’s been through the winter. Melissa Peterson Amuso thanked the emergency workers Fire Chief Richard Howland and EMTs Katelyn Damon and Cory J. Duggan for taking her daughter Bea over to the mainland after she had “split open her knee.” Lucy Amuso, who looks a lot like a yellow lab, kept Bea company at home, lying next to her as she read. Here’s to a quick recovery, and thanks again to the EMTs and transportation providers.

Wanna go for a ride in my car? The MDI photography club, of which Sally Rowan is a member, went to the Seal Cove Auto Museum on Saturday morning and was able to get up close to the autos. The museum has a variety of designs: touring, sedan, roadster, a Ford K car, a toy tonneau, a mountain wagon and others. One of the cars had a built-in fur protector that would protect feet from the cold temperatures. A 1910 Stoddard-Dayton, which cost $2,800, had a ten-tube exhaust-operated horn with the notes G through the following octave’s A, and including an F-sharp. Another had a door mat on the running board on the driver’s side. If you’re not familiar with the area, take Route 102 toward Southwest Harbor and turn right at the Somesville Fire Station. The museum is about six miles down the road, on the right side.

From the church, Good Friday services and Silent Lunch were held at the GCI Congregational Church and Ladies Aid beginning at noontime Friday. Members from the Islesford Church joined GCI parishioners for the occasion. Easter Sunday services were held at the GCI Congregational Church at 5 p.m. with a potluck supper afterwards at the Ladies Aid. Pastor Tom Powell conducted both services.

An Island Institute Fellows Retreat was hosted by GCIHS Fellow Jessi Duma on Great Cranberry for several days last week. Highlights included a training session held at Cranberry House. A beach clean-up was completed at Spurling Cove. The group enjoyed a movie at the “Seaside Playhouse” one evening.

Cranberry General Store is getting some renovations. A new floor will welcome returning islanders. So far it looks great! It should be finished before you read this.

There will be a Ladies Aid meeting on Saturday, April 25, at 1 p.m. at the Cranberry Island Community Center. See you there.

April Mocarsky blows candles out on April 18, and Quinn Emerson Gray follows her the same day. Amanda Ravenhill and James Samson Gaither get their wishes on April 19. Marci Lief and Patsy Powell celebrate on April 20. On April 21, Heather White will be served cake and ice cream, I’m sure, and Kate Colby will have her birthday with friends and family on April 22. David Axelrod joins the club on April 23, as does Barbara Meyers. Steven Philbrook chalks up another on April 24. Susan Beere, Julian Hrbek and Wendy Sundstrom celebrate on April 26 with John Zuck anticipating April 27 as his big day. We wind up April birthdays with Olivia Grace Johnston on April 28. Before we close out April best wishes, let us wish Wini Smart and Fred Quackenbush a very happy anniversary on April 25. Many happy returns of the day to you all.

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