FOSIL meets ‘gold standard’

Despite a recent snow forecast for northern Maine, I feel a summer giddiness as our summer residents start arriving on the island. I have the immense pleasure of working with Fran Chetwynd on lighthouse-related matters and enjoyed welcoming her and Eric Chetwynd back for the summer.

On their trip to Maine from the south, they attended the 2017 American Lighthouse Foundation (ALF) Lighthouse Gala and were pleasantly surprised when our own FOSIL (Friends of Swans Island Lighthouse) was awarded a 2017 Keeper of the Light Award. The ALF stated, “The dedicated and talented efforts of the Friends of Swan’s Island Lighthouse represent a ‘gold standard’ when it comes to lighthouse restoration. The group’s commitment to adhering to the Secretary of the Interior’s ‘Standards for Preservation’ and ability to demonstrate unwavering sustainability has not only ensured a bright future for Burnt Coat Harbor Light Station and Swan’s Island maritime heritage, it has also provided the national lighthouse community with a shining example of preservation excellence! Therefore, the American Lighthouse Foundation is proud to present the Friends of Swan’s Island Lighthouse with a 2017 ‘Keeper of the Light’ Award.” How fortuitous that two members of our awesome FOSIL were present to accept this award. Congratulations!

Mark your calendars for the Burnt Coat Harbor Lighthouse opening day this season, Tuesday, June 20. As the opening date draws closer, I’ll give more information on this year’s exhibit and other exciting news. Stay tuned.

Karen Preston Griffin informed us that “a Maine State Ferry Service (MSFS) informational meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 30, at 6 p.m., at the Swans Island School. Dale Doughty, DOT CG director, and Rick Debois, PE director, will be present to discuss rate and budget increases. For further information, please contact town office at 526-4279.”

Happy belated birthday to Jane Orcutt Savage, Jean Ranquist, Jim Stone, Lacey Kay Freelove, Nancy Carter, Bonnie L. Turner, Terie Laws and Judy Green. Happy birthday to Chelsea Tripler and Ben Doliber. Anniversary blessings to Gary and Jeanne Hoyle, John and Jill Trask, Lester and Nevora Stanley and Jerry and Barbara Tozier Matthews.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

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