Fire station floor repairs

BAR HARBOR — The floor of the town’s fire station, built in 1911 and designed by Fred Savage, will soon need repairs, Scott Whittaker of Building Envelope Specialists told the town council Tuesday. Water pooling on the concrete slab where the fire trucks and ambulances are stored has seeped into joints and begun to cause damage in the basement below.

The floor is “not in danger of failing” anytime soon, Whittaker told councilors, but the sooner the damage is repaired, the less expensive the project will be. He provided an initial estimate of $329,000, but said a final proposal likely would come in substantially lower.

Voters approved a $400,000 bond for repairs to the exterior of the building in June. Councilors discussed the feasibility of adding the floor repairs to the exterior project and voted to authorize further engineering studies from the company.

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