Exhibit showcases ASC

By Stephanie Cala

MOUNT DESERT — Northeast Harbor Library is currently hosting the Seventh Annual Acadia Senior College Members’ Art Show, titled “Out from Under.” The annual exhibition of art created by members of the college runs through the end of May.

In the library’s Mellon room, the show features individual work by a total of 28 artists: Heather Applegate, Roger Brignull, Laureen Donnelly, Floy Ervin, Penny Evans, Jean Forbes, Peggy Forster, Liz Hufnagel, Norene Hunter, Ellen Kappes, Jim Keene, Priscilla Keene, Jude Lamb, Susan Lerner, Tom McGehee, Billie Mitchell, Howie Motenko, Dona Parker, Jeanne Seronde Perkins, Sydney Roberts, Marion Smith, George Soules, Philip Steel, Barbara Strubell, Robert Thayer, Melita Westerlund, David Westphal and Wanda Wright.

Additionally, a black-and-white collage/mural titled “Under” combines the works of the earlier listed artists and these additional artists: Ann Caswell, Anne Wetzel, Anne Funderburk, Barbara Entzminger, Claire Daniel, Linda Martin, Nat Fenton, Phyllis Mobraaten and Abigail Conrad.

The pieces range from the entry archway titled “Musseling Through,” a collaboration by Lerner, Roberts and Westerlund created from found mussel shells and dried seaweed, to paintings, photographs and metal sculptures.

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