EMS saves lives, elicits pride

I am often asked by those unfamiliar with island life how we deal with emergencies, especially medical ones. Responding to this inquiry, I share the following letter that Donna Wiegle wrote after a recent life-saving response from our community.

“As the wife of an EMT and firefighter, I want to thank Terry Staples for the public acknowledgement of all that our emergency responders did recently to save a life. I know the EMS Crew has a social media policy and may not be able to respond to his post, but I know they appreciate the recognition of a job well done. I am not part of the EMS crew, but as the second person to arrive on the scene, before the arrival of the ambulance, I was there from start to finish and was able to assist as a good neighbor trained in CPR. It was amazing to witness and be part of the response team.

“As community members, I do not think we fully recognize the dedication of our emergency responders … the time spent away from home and family while responding to emergency calls, the incredible amount of hours spent training to maintain their certification, the hours spent after an emergency response cleaning and restocking the ambulance, and time spent filling out the EMS run reports and submitting them to the State EMS Service. Much of what they do is behind the scenes.

“I am proud of my husband and all of the other dedicated volunteers. They work hard to make Swan’s Island a better place to live. I would also like to acknowledge the many other people who were present yesterday, community members, like myself, that are not official members of emergency services, but were present at the scene and willing to help out in any way needed.

“The recent situation was challenging to say the least, and everyone pitched in as needed or waited patiently to be asked to help. We all worked together, never giving up, to secure an ending that would give the patient a fighting chance for survival. There must have been at least 50 people present, all willing to do whatever was requested of them. Days like this, with the community pulling together, make me proud to live here.”

Bev McAloon encourages us to check out the textile exhibit at the Swan’s Island Library during the month of April. “See the beautiful work Swan’s Islanders have done and learn of other beautiful textiles across Maine.”

Jennifer Helman has announced: “We are putting the finishing touches on the apartment above the motel and would love to find a year-round tenant. It will be available starting in late May. The monthly rent includes all utilities: electricity, water/sewer, gas and Wi-Fi. The rate is negotiable based on the rental term, your credit score, and your rental history, but we are asking $1,100/month. This is a nonsmoking, no-pet property because we accommodate other guests downstairs. We will provide a standard lease agreement and require first and last month’s rent. We are still in the process of furnishing the apartment, so we don’t have any pictures. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us to set up an appointment to visit.”

Happy birthday to Nancy Colbeth, Sharon Johnson, Kenny LeMoine Jr., Leonard M. May II, Gabriella Ruth Joy, Todd Smith, Logan Sheridan, Jason Matthews, Michael Joyce and Leah Marie Ranquist. Anniversary blessings to Lenny and Vanessa May.

Kimberly Haller

Kimberly Haller

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