Easter was egg-citing, even with snow

There was an Easter egg hunt at the Summer Chapel at the Islesford Congregational Church after the service Sunday morning. A special mail boat run left Northeast Harbor at 9 a.m., picked up families at Great Cranberry and took them to Islesford. It was a very successful time for hunting eggs. Thank you, Cari Alley, for organizing it, and to all those who came over from Great Cranberry to increase the amount of fun had by all. The forecast was (drumroll) cold and flurries. The actual weather was (drumroll) cold and flurries. Welcome, chilly morning.

There were two Easter services at the Islesford Congregational Church. The first was an Easter Vigil on Saturday night using the entire service from the Episcopal prayer book. Tom Powell was the celebrant; Skip Stevens sang and read; Amy Philbrook played the piano. Readers were Sally Rowan, Joy Sprague, Ann Fernald, Steve Philbrook, Jeri Spurling, Ted Spurling, Skip, Peter Philbrook, and Christina Spurling. Christina’s husband, Andrew Trepenier, was there, as were Becca Powell and Lewis.

Sunday morning included Skip and Sally; Ann; Steve, Amy, Peter, Isaac, and Nate Philbrook; Joy; Amy and Adele Palmer; Ted and Jeri, and Ted’s sister, Serena Spurling; and Becca and Lewis Powell. Amy and Adele, Skip, Tom, Jeri and Ann sang an offertory, with Adele doing a solo part. Amy Philbrook played the piano again. Joy brought some cream puffs for after the service; they were well appreciated, and she didn’t have to take many home.

After a long spring with Show Choir rehearsals, time at the SPCA and other events, Meg Stevens finally got home for a weekend. It was her first time home since before February break, when she went to Seattle to look at some colleges and visit her older brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

Spring is making more and more efforts. Robins are back, and other singers are cheering each other on. Many males are trying to impress and persuade females to join them. Seagulls have driven out bald eagles on Sand Beach and the area between it and the harbor – pretty impressive to see that happen. The sun and rain are getting rid of the snow, though in shady areas, it’s not cooperating. Some falcons have been born in three places in Acadia National Park: on Champlain Mountain, at Jordan Cliffs and the Valley Cove Cliffs above Somes Sound. There may be more on a privately owned island in Frenchman’s Bay. There are eagles on Islesford, and seagulls have chased some away from the area where Sand Beach ends near the Miller’s.

Another sign of spring and heading all the way to autumn: Henry Isaacs has posted a notice that it’s time to sign up for the Henry Isaacs and Ashley Bryan workshops coming up this September, between the 7th and 14th. This is their seventh year, and Henry says half of each session is already registered. For more information, go to www.henryisaacs.com and click on ‘2015 Workshops.’

From Ben Walls: Tragedy struck Great Cranberry Island on the night of March 30. Out of 30 guinea hens, less than ten survived a vicious attack at Wendy Rackliff’s farm. The wild animals on Great Cranberry island are limited to those that will swim. Also, the size of the island is not large enough to attract large predators like bears and foxes. Even raccoons are rare. There have been problems with mink but never on such a large scale. The culprit was none other that man’s best friend. A local dog that got off its leash broke into the pen and killed and maimed for sport. The owner of the dog has promised to compensate for the loss. This incident was very unexpected, as Great Cranberry Island is very dog friendly. It is a common sight at the dock to see several dogs running and romping together while their owners supervise.

Happy birthday to David Thomas on April 13; Lindsay Eysnogle, Peter Philbrook and Brendan Ravenhill chalk another on April 14. Marya Goettsche Spurling celebrates on April 16, and April Mocarsky on April 17. Happy birthday to all!

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