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On Easter Sunday, community members on GCI gathered for a church service followed by an Easter egg hunt that was open to all ages. Darlene Sumner hid over 400 eggs. Prizes were awarded to those who found the most within their age groups. Winners included Cooper Sumner and Melanie Sanborn. Awards also were given to Harry Beers and Jess Sanborn, who found the fewest eggs within their age range and both were surprised to be congratulated on their accomplishments, or lack thereof. Jess Bunker found the lucky egg, and all the toddlers won chocolate bunnies for their valiant efforts. Following the egg hunt was a community supper. Mark Alley graciously cooked a ham, and side dishes were brought by all. The community could not have asked for a more beautiful day to celebrate.

Cari Alley supplied filled Easter eggs and Adele Palmer “hid” them in the extended church yard on Easter Sunday. A good time was had by all, watching the kids look for the eggs, chatting with each other and having some of the snacks on the organized table. Thanks to Cari for coordinating and supplying the Easter egg hunt and to Adele for helping Cari.

Morning church services are on Islesford this year, so they were able to include a Saturday night Easter Vigil service as well. Laurie Dobson, who has recently moved to Great Cranberry, had played the piano a week ago during the joint service and came back to play the piano for the hymns Saturday. She spent the night and played again Sunday morning. Many thanks to Steve Philbrook, who gave her a ride from Northeast Harbor out to Islesford Saturday afternoon; she joined Tom, Becca and Lew Powell on the way back to Great after the egg hunt had ended. Welcome and thanks again, Laurie!

Residents from both GCI and LCI met at the beginning of the week for a zoom presentation on domestic violence hosted by the Maine Seacoast Mission and health committee, bringing islanders together to educate and empower themselves with help from presenter Kelly Brown from The Next Step Domestic Violence Project. Participants learned not only to identify signs of domestic violence in a relationship but also to be an effective support for friends or family in danger.

Cindy Thomas gave her weekly library time with the littlest Islesford kids, Bode Duggan, Elliott Damon Hadlock, Lucy Pickering and Marina Pickering. Ashley Bryan read “The Easter Egg” by Jan Brett, followed by making egg wreaths. Kaitlyn Duggan and Paul Brumaghim were with the kids.

The town float on GCI is back in the water, and smaller boats are being launched, movement picking up on the islands and making the community feel more lively with the warming weather.

Susan ‘Soos’ Valdina is on a jaunt visiting friends all around the country. She’s been to Tennessee and Texas and is now in California with her cousin Suki. They went to San Francisco and met Amanda Ravenhill at the Good Luck Dim Sum for an enjoyable time and dim sum meal.

Amanda Ravenhill has been working with two others on Project Drawdown “to conduct a massive research project on the top 100 solutions to climate change and the potential climate and financial benefits.” After three years of research, they have published “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming,” edited by Paul Hawken. Amanda is thrilled to see it in print. For more information about what she has been doing – and the book – go to www.drawdown.org.

Marci Lief is celebrating on April 20, followed by David Axelrod on April 23. Steve Philbrook’s birthday is April 24; Oliver Blank and Johnny Myers share April 25. Eric Dyer will blow out candles on April 26. Happy birthday to all. Happy anniversary to Sallye and Jim Parrish, who celebrate their wedding anniversary on April 23.

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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