Dressing down benefits Reader Dog

SOUTHWEST HARBOR  —  Employees of First National Bank recently raised $761.20 for Reader Dog through its Casual for a Cause program. Employees make a contribution to a nominated nonprofit organization in exchange for dressing casually on Fridays for one month.

The Reader Dog program at the Southwest Harbor Public Library helps children who may have difficulty reading for many reasons learn to read by reading to a dog under the dog owner’s supervision.

Ray Lambert and his seeing-eye dog, Will, have been part of the Reader Dog program at the Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor since February. While the children read to Will, Lambert helps them with difficult words by having the children spell them and sound out the syllables. Lambert and Will are also able to teach the children how to behave around a guide dog and its owner.

Contact Susan Plimpton at the Southwest Harbor Library at 244-7065.

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