Cranberry Isles: Islesford welcomes first baby born on island since 1927 

At the end of last week, cool, misty weather, along with gold and scarlet tinges on island flora, announced the definite return of autumn to the Cranberries. Fewer pleasure boats remain in the harbor and seasonal businesses are closing for the year.  

The Cranberry Cove Ferry is scheduled to finish its season Thursday, Oct. 1, though a gale warning forecast for Wednesday and Thursday may impact the runs that day. Please check with Downeast Windjammers before planning to ride on those dates. In accordance with the end of the Cranberry Cove’s season, Jim Fortune verified that vehicles with 2020 Manset or NEH stickers could park at the NEH lots starting last weekend. Beal & Bunker will not move to their winter schedule until the second week of this month. 

Last Saturday, Sept. 26, the islands were blessed with a new addition. Azalea Belle Gray was born at home on Islesford. Weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces and measuring 21.5 inches long, Azalea Belle is the first baby born on Islesford since the 1927 birth of her great-grandfather, Warren Fernald. Congratulations to Erin Fernald Gray and Aaron Gray on their beautiful, healthy baby girl. Welcome to the Cranberry Isles and to the world, Azalea.  

Librarian Cindy Thomas thanks the Ashley Bryan Center for filling in the gaps in the Ashley Bryan Treasure Collection at the Islesford Neighborhood House Library. Patrons appreciate the center’s help, too. Please contact Cindy for more information about this collection.  

Captain Mike Johnson invites boats to join the “Sunbeam Returns” parade on Oct. 2. The Sunbeam will leave Belfast Harbor Friday, bound for its home port in Northeast Harbor. The boat parade will start at the final leg of the Sunbeam’s trip home. Capt. Johnson asks that boats intending to join the parade notify Mission Development Associate Anna Silver at (207801-6011 or at her email address [email protected] He adds, “If you find yourself free at the last minutewe would still love to have you with us.”  

Please welcome the Truesdale family, Katie and Cam with their two sons, to Great Cranberry Island this week. The family is renting the Preble Cove house for the winter. The house was donated to the Cranberry Isles Realty Trust by Bruce Komusin 

Laurie Dobson wants everyone to know that Boathouse Antiques is still open through the fall with over a dozen consigners from the isles. The island business is an economic boost for islanders, not to mention helping the environment by recycling and distributing island artifacts and antiques. The shop is next to the GCI library. Patrons can walk down the short lane, bike or drive right up. Plus, there is free delivery on GCI. Call (207602-8050 to schedule an opening or come on down when the open flag is out. To see pictures of items for sale, check the store’s Instagram page: @boathouseantiques.  

Happy birthday to Amy Philbrook on Oct. 2. Happy birthday, on Oct. 5, to Noah Pogany and, on Oct. 6, happy birthday to Christopher Fernald. Happy birthday to Leslie Watson and Skip Stevens on Oct. 7.  

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” – Shannon L. Alder 


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