Cranberry Isles: Santa Claus is coming Dec. 18

There were no major storms this week in the Cranberry Isles, though a cold front passed through, bringing temperatures into the teens. Ice coated cars and a small amount of snow frosted the ground until overnight winds swept it away.

There were still a few gorgeous sunny days, perfect for walking, visiting neighbors and sharing warm cups of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

From Nov. 2 through Nov. 9, Cindy Thomas’ friend, Trish Davis, visited from Philadelphia. She got to photograph Cindy and Stefanie Alley’s Dip of the Month, going so far as to try her own foot in the chilly water.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Islesford Neighborhood House Association Library hosted a planning meeting for this year’s Christmas Party. Cindy Thomas, Joy Sprague, Nanette Hadlock, Katya Mocarsky, Denise McCormick, Serena Spurling, Jeff Pease and Barbara Pease attended, while Tammy Palmer, Chris Costello and others sent input through messages and the telephone. The party is set for Dec. 18, with decorating and setup taking place on Dec. 17.

Santa kindly agreed to return for this year’s celebration and volunteers offered to correlate gifts for the children, plates, napkins and utensils for the event. Closer to the event, further details will be posted at the Neighborhood House and the post office, as well as in this column.

The Islesford Historical Society posted a reminder and order form link for their many publications on the town’s information page. The books and journals will make great gifts for friends, neighbors and family. Contact Christine Sandberg or the Historical Society for more information.

Congratulations to Great Cranberry Island Historical Society on receiving $60,000 in donations during their 10th anniversary fundraising campaign. The gifts from the Davis family and an anonymous donor will go toward the archives room expansion. Way to go, Cranberry!

Happy birthday to Cari Alley, Brigid Powell, Padraig Powell and Jameson Deane Garvey on Nov. 22. On Nov. 24, happy birthday wishes to Blue Morales. Happy anniversary to Barbara and Alden Hathaway on Nov. 25. Also on Nov. 25, happy birthday to Henry Mayer, Austin Fernald and Barbara Pease. Happy anniversary, on Nov. 26, to John and Kathy Zuck. On Nov. 27, birthday wishes go to Beverly Sanborn and Christy Benson.

“In November, the trees are standing all sticks and bones. Without their leaves, how lovely they are, spreading their arms like dancers.” -Cynthia Ryland

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