Cranberry Isles: Post office puzzles

The Cranberry Isles enjoyed warmer temperatures last week. On Tuesday morning, Islesford’s harbor was nearly empty as lobster boats took advantage of the good weather. However, high winds and an extreme low tide caused the cancellation of Friday’s evening commuter ferry.

A nice group joined Cindy and David Thomas at Tuesday’s Library Coffee Hour, including Anna Fernald, Ashley Bryan, Beverly Sanborn, Thomas Powell, Lyndsay Eysnogle, Marina Pickering, Skip Stevens, Mary Schuch and Malcolm Fernald.

On Thursday, students from Ashley Bryan School boarded Maine Seacoast Mission’s Sunbeam for a field trip with non-profit OceansWide. The organization brings scientists and students together in the Gulf of Maine. Buzz Scott and Paul Savoy gave students hands-on experience using remotely operated vehicles to explore the ocean depths around Cranberry Isles.

Open Mic Night was originally scheduled for Friday at Islesford Neighborhood House, but took place on Saturday evening instead.

Joy Sprague, Islesford postmaster, wants patrons to know that, as of March 31, post offices will no longer be able to sell the popular Andrew Wyeth stamps. If you want to buy these stamps from a post office, you have a few more days to do so.

The Islesford Post Office puzzle table has two new, unique additions — wooden puzzles handmade by Rosamond Lane Lord, Sarah Corson’s mother.

Rosamond Lane Lord spent most summers of her life on Islesford, where she painted, printed and created art from items she found on island beaches. Many residents will remember seeing Lord painting from life around Islesford. The artist’s work continues to influence the people of the Cranberry Isles.

Ashley Bryan created the Rosamund Lane Lord Fund to honor Lord’s wish to encourage the island school children in arts and crafts. In addition to her fine art, she created note cards, holiday cards, wreaths and diverse pieces including wooden puzzles. Using her father’s jigsaw, Lord cut pieces into various animal shapes. Come by the post office, while these beautiful pieces are out.

Remember Tuesday Morning Coffee Hour at Islesford Library. The official start time is 10 a.m., but the event is casual and people come and go during the morning. Besides, there are always treats and plenty of coffee.

Happy birthday to twins Jennifer Westphal and Janice Strout on March 29, and to Kelly Fernald and Wyatt Alley on March 31. On April 1, say happy birthday to Eva Galyean. Birthday wishes go to Bill McGuiness, Ian Van Dusen and Rob Hicks on April 2. Isaac Philbrook will celebrate on April 4. A very happy anniversary, on April 4, to Fred and Mary “Buzzy” Day.

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