Cranberry Isles: Keeping the Islesford spirit alive 

The Memorial Day weekend arrived on the islands with warm weather and an abundance of sunshine. The neighborhoods bustled with activity, mostly at home due to social distancing and quarantine, reassuring islanders that summer is actually arriving. 

The Dip of the Month club completed their May dip on May 22. Though it was a balmy 76 degrees on Islesford, the water temperature was between 45 and 49.2.  However, cold water doesn’t stop Barb FernaldCindy ThomasMary E. Schuch, Joy Sprague and Stefanie Alley. There were double and triple dips by some of the members, all while observing proper social distancing protocols. Great work, islanders! 

Local Health Officer Cari Alley has received a shipment of more masks. She recommends having a couple of masks in comfortable styles and in styles you like. She will be putting out the new masks for townspeople to take. 

The Islesford Neighborhood House Association has released a statement explaining the summer operating plans. While all are thankful COVID-19 has not reached the island, the board is aware there are residents whose financial situations have been worsened by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Therefore, they have taken steps to make sure no one on the island is suffering food distress as a result and they have made decisions enabling support for the neighborhood food pantry if such help is needed. While the Neighborhood House and library will remain closed and locked this summer for safety reasons, Cindy Thomas is organizing a book delivery service so library books can still be accessed.  

The board is weighing ideas for “keeping the Islesford Spirit alive” during these trying times. “We may be able to organize events outside with sufficient social distancing so that people can socialize with one another with at least six feet between members of different households,” the board says. They ask that the community send any ideas they may have for responses to the crisis.  

The Association reported the good news that the new roof was installed over the winter. It looks great and will support the installation of solar panels, which they hope to install with funds from the capital campaign and a grant for which they have applied.  

The Cranberry Cove Ferry is back in operation for the summer. Please call the company at 288-4585 or check their website,, for the schedule and more information 

In related news, Jim Fortune has announced that residents will have until June 1 to move their vehicles to the Manset lot. 

Phil Whitney, President of the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society, sent the following update about summer operations. “The Cranberry House Café and Museum will not be opening until mid-June, at least. The Second Hand Shop and Gift shop will probably open later, possibly July 1. Both the Whistler Cove and the Preble Cove rails are cleared and open to the public. The operational schedule of the Cranberry Explorer Shuttle service is undetermined at present.” Please check the organization’s Facebook page for updates.  

Happy anniversary to Andrea Ruby and Ben Stevens and Kate and Abel Philbrook on May 28. On May 29, happy birthday to Hannah FolsomPolly Bunker and Marvin OttHappy birthday to Johnathan Bennett and Isabel Weibel on June 1. Happy birthday, on June 2, to Carol Smith HathawayKen McCafferty and Holly Stanley. Happy birthday to Susan McNamee and Phoebe Gray on June 3.  

“Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misundertstanding, mistrust and hostility to evaporate.” Albert Scweitzer 

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items by 5 p.m. on Sunday. Email Barbara Caldwell-Pease at [email protected]. 


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