Cranberry Isles: Have a safe and happy Halloween

Autumn colors are peaking on the Cranberry Isles. Vivid leaves swirl in the breezes and scatter across the roadways. Scarlet, gold and russet are reflected on damp roadways on wet days. On others, abundant sunshine casts a warm, fiery glow across the islands. Temperatures are slowly trending downward. Sunday’s low was in the mid-30s, and, although Tuesday and Wednesday are set to be sunny, snow may be in the forecast for Friday.   

Some jack-olanterns around Islesford may be a result of last Saturday’s Pumpkin Carving in the Park event, led by Tammy Palmer. The outdoor gathering was well attended by people of all ages, and many beautifully frightening jack-o-lanterns were created. Thank you, Tammy, for heading this delightful event.   

Islesford residents have been preparing for Halloween, readying treats for 26 island children, plus visitors. The night should be fun for everyone. 

On Great Cranberry, Darlene Sumner is coordinating the evening’s festivities, which will include trick-or-treating, a karaoke/Halloween party at Cranberry House and a double feature Halloween movie at the Seaside Playhouse.  

Have a safe and happy Halloween, friends! 

Happy birthday to Kristen Blodgette and Louise Millar on Oct. 30. Happy birthday, on Nov. 1, to Catherine Perry Spangler. Happy anniversary to George and Charlotte Harlan on Nov. 4. Also on November 4, happy birthday to Arvard Savage and Katye Kehoe 

Thank you to everyone who already voted and to those planning to vote on Tuesday. May the lines be short and the process smooth.  

“Somewhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world.” – Roald Dahl. 

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