Cranberry Isles: Harvest suppers mark start of fall

Wood smoke scented the air and calls of southbound water birds rang over the Cranberry Islands this week. Scarlet, gold and russet leaves fell as seasonal residents packed up and said their good-byes until summer.

Rough seas and winds prevailed most of the week and finger floats were removed on both islands this weekend. Many with small craft have already pulled their boats out of the water for the season.

Organized by Ellen Gellerstedt, with the help of Tammy Palmer, Cindy Thomas, Joy Sprague, Kelly Dickson, Anna Fernald and other wonderful islanders, Islesford’s Harvest Supper took place on Saturday evening, drawing a crowd of around 100 people.

Autumn themed tables were laden with delicious offerings including ham, chili, lasagnas, chicken dishes, creamy soups and vegetable dishes. The dessert table boasted decorated cupcakes, cookies, fruit and nut pies, brownies and cream desserts. Skip Stevens opened the dinner with thanks to organizers and a blessing for the food. Many thanks to all who set up, cooked, cleaned and worked to make the most delightful evening.

Great Cranberry Ladies Aid Society held their annual harvest dinner on Sunday, with a fixed menu including fish chowder, apple cider and apple crisps made by Colleen and Mark. Beautiful themed decorations highlighted the hall and, by all accounts, thanks to everyone who helped, attendees thoroughly enjoyed the lovely occasion.

Islesford Dock Restaurant closed a successful season on Sunday and the final day for the Co-op store’s 2019 season was Monday.

The commuter ferry’s twice a day route was scheduled to resume for the season on Oct. 15. On Oct. 21, the Beal & Bunker mail boat will change to winter hours. Please check online or contact the companies for the complete schedules of both ferries.

Happy birthday to Sharon Tozier on Oct. 17. On Oct. 18, happy birthday to Katelyn Damon and Alex Johnston. Birthday wishes to Juliette Reid Silvers on Oct. 19. Happy birthday to Bob Kyle, Rosalie Kell and Bonnie Anne Fernald on Oct. 22.

“This is the power of gathering: it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive.” -Alice Waters

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