Cranberry Isles: Frigid waters can’t stop the Dip of the Month Club

During the past week on the Cranberry Islands, temperatures have fluctuated between the forties and single digits. Wednesday’s snow fall, though not heavy on the islands, probably contributed to the accident on Mount Desert Island which caused a short power outage on the islands. Thanks to Katelyn Damon for keeping everyone informed.

Islesford Neighborhood House Library’s well attended Tuesday Coffee Hour was a welcome entertainment. Cindy Thomas brought a moist, tasty blueberry cake which was accompanied by plenty of coffee, tea and conversation. The group was happy to welcome home Mary Schuch and Malcolm Fernald, who shared stories from their trip to Arizona, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Other guests this week included Anna Fernald, Serena Spurling, Sally Rowan, Skip Stevens, David Thomas, Kim Turner, Tom Powell, Padraig Powell, Lyndsay Eysnogle, Jason Pickering, Cory Duggan, Jeff Pease and Barbara Caldwell-Pease.

Weather did not stop the intrepid ladies of Dip of the Month Club, who took to the frigid water at the Islesford town dock on Wednesday. Cindy Thomas, Joy Sprague, Barbara Fernald and Mary Schuch donned swimsuits and braved the water. Mary actually went swimming. Congratulations to our wonderful ladies and thanks to Kim Turner for photographing the event.

Happy birthday to Tristan Scott Bennett on Feb. 20. A very happy anniversary to Phil and Karin Whitney on Feb. 21. Also, on Feb. 21, happy birthday to Heather Varnum. Happy birthday to Gretel Green on Feb. 22. On Feb. 23, happy birthday to Patrick Mocarsky. Happy birthday, on Feb. 24, to James Westphal. Happy birthday to Jasmine Samuel on February 25.

“In the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold onto in this world is each other.”-Linda Ellerbee

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