Cranberry Isles: Ferry schedules resume 

While current events have not left the Cranberry Islands untouched, they have revealed that a strong sense of community and thoughtfulness are the guiding principles of the islands. From two different private ferry companies working together to make sure people could get supplies and make necessary appointments, grocers and pharmacies making deliveries and bulk orders to the Seacoast Mission stepping in with Zoom coffee meetings, the people of the Cranberry Islands are the real reason the isles are such a wonderful place to live.  

As the state works toward releasing pandemic restrictions, the island ferries are returning to their normal schedules. The commuter ferry service switched to the Elizabeth T on Friday, May 1, taking a one-time 5 p.m. run instead of the normal 6 a.m. one to continue the arrangement between Beal & Bunker and Sail Acadia, allowing people to get packages and return to the islands. On Monday, May 4, Beal & Bunker resumed their normal spring route with four runs per day. They are allowing essential workers on the boat and requiring that all riders wear a cloth face mask per the new “stay-safer-at-home” executive order. The crew disinfects the boat between runs. However, they are still unable to accept nonessential visitors. For complete details and schedule, please contact Beal & Bunker or visit their Facebook page.  

Local Health Officer Cari Alley reminds everyone to wear a face mask when visiting places where social distancing parameters cannot be observed, including post offices, ferries, transfer stations, the General Store and the Co-op. Residents who don’t already have masks may contact Cari Alley.  

Two members of the Dip of the Month Club went for a swim last ThursdayJoy Sprague took the frigid water accompanied by indomitable dipper, Cindy Thomas, making her fourth dip of the month. Congratulations to club members for an impressive April showing! 

Happy birthday on May 8 to Rick Benjamin and Jason Charles King. Happy birthday to Ryan FieldGrace Hartley and Kate Valenta on May 9. On May 10, happy birthday wishes to Eric Porcaro. Happy birthday to Greenley Helene Porter on May 12 and to Mike Westphal on May 13.  

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” Unknown 

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