Cranberry Isles: Double dipping is encouraged at Sand Beach 

After another spring nor’easter last Thursdaytemperatures were in the 60s, bringing islanders outside to walk, clean yards, work garden patches, prep boats, enjoy the beaches and enjoy each other’s sociallydistanced company. 

Islanders are thankful to those who helped Great Cranberry resident Bob Hudson  get off island last week during his illness. Everyone is thankful their wonderful friend and neighbor came through his surgery well. Best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery, Bob!  

On Tuesday, April 20, Cindy ThomasBarbara Fernald and Mary E. Schuch swam in the 48degree waters of Sand Beach for Dip of the Month Club. They were joined by Rosie Pitkin, who is staying at her parents’ place on Sand Beach Road. Barb says they all had a blast. All the ladies double-dipped, but Rosie and Mary went in for a third swim. Awesome! 

Town Clerk Denise McCormick wants to notify residents of the town of Cranberry Isles that the following services are available through Rapid Renewal Online Vehicle & Trailer Registration Renewal Service: boat registration, dog licenses, hunting licenses and fishing licenses. Go to Denise said, “Just think, you can do it all while drinking your coffee in the morning!” 

The Islesford Volunteer Fire Department would like to remind everyone that burn permits are required for open burning within the Cranberry Isles. Permits can be obtained online at and at!/fronPage. People may also contact Fire Chief Richard Howland or Norman Sanborn for a permit. The Forest Service updates the Maine Fire Weather classification at 9 a.m. every day. Burn permits will not be issued when fire danger is above class 2 or moderate. The updates can be found at 

Eileen Richards reports receiving two more squares for the community quilt to be auctioned off at this year’s fair.  She would like to remind everyone that the deadline for submissions is June 1.  

Happy birthday to Tom MorsePeter BensonSophie Dowling and twins Emily and Genny Seanor on May 1. On May 2, a very happy anniversary to Cindy and David ThomasHappy birthday, on May 4, to Barb FernaldOn May 5, happy birthday to Karen Smallwood 

“A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.” – Unknown 


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