Cranberry Isles: Create a buoy out of recycled materials

The weather for New Year’s Day on the Cranberry Isles was not as warm as Christmas Day, but no storm assaulted the islands. Early Saturday morning, a few inches of wet snow prompted a run of the snowplow and some driveway shoveling. By afternoon, with temperatures in the high 30s, and with rain, the snow covering had disappeared. 

New Year’s Eve celebrations were quiet on Islesford, though there may have been a bonfire or two and many best wishes were shared on the Cranberry Isles Information page. 

Congratulations to Jeri and Ted Spurling, whose new granddaughter, Serena Marianne, came home on New Year’s Eve. Congratulations to parents Marya and Tor, and big brother Johan Goettsche SpurlingWelcome to the world, Serena Marianne! 

It’s time to get crafty. The wonderful people at Islesford Boatworks are sponsoring a Recycled Material Buoy Contest this month. The contest runs through the entire month and is something people can complete at home. “Each entry needs to create a BUOY OUT OF RECYCLED MATERIALS,” Melissa Amuso explains. The contest states buoys cannot be made out of wood buoy blanks. Instead, they should be made from something not usually used to create buoys. Melissa says to use “whatever clever recycling you can come up with,” citing examples such as “rope coiled into a buoy, papier-mâché, laundry detergent bottle, etc.” Participants can decorate buoys and upload pictures to [email protected]After Jan. 15, creators can invite friends and family to vote on their buoy at the Islesford Boatworks Facebook page. Winning buoys will be from two categories: children up to 12 years old and adults 13 and older. There will be special prizes for winners, including a kid’s prize for those in the younger category and one for an adult in the older category. Thank you, Islesford Boatworks, for a brilliant idea! 

Please remember that in lieu of a gathering, friends, neighbors and family are helping celebrate Anna Fernald’s 90th birthday by seeing that she receives all her cards at once. Just address the cards to Anna Fernald, PO Box 297, Islesford ME 04646. All the cards held at the post office to be delivered on her Jan. 14 birthday.  

Happy birthday to Sarah Dawson and Kristie Porcaro on Jan. 7. Happy anniversary to Becca and Tom Powell on Jan. 8. Also, on Jan. 8, happy birthday to Harvey Bunker. On Jan. 10, happy birthday to Robin FernaldFritz Fernald and Turner Edward Graeme Day. Happy birthday to Cathy Stinnott on Jan. 11. Happy birthday on Jan. 12 to Samantha Krasnow and Wanda Porter 

“The present circumstances don’t determine where you can go. They merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein 

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items by 5 p.m. on Sunday. Email Barbara Caldwell-Pease at [email protected]. 

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