Cranberry Isles: Coffee hour, open mic keeping spirits bright

The past week’s storm led to boat cancellations on Tuesday, Feb. 26, and Wednesday, Feb. 27. Despite the cold, high winds and rough waters mail got through on Wednesday and, by Thursday, routes were back to normal.

Then on Monday, March certainly came in like a lion.

With his menagerie of well maintained vehicles, Blair Colby was out and about keeping the roads clear and safe for travelers on Great Cranberry. Thank you.

David Thomas and Skip Stevens did a great job hosting Tuesday’s Library Coffee Hour. Despite being out ill, Cindy Thomas sent a delicious cake. David and Skip were joined by Ashley Bryan who shared stories about his time in World War II. Also on hand were Jason Pickering, Tom Powell, Lewis Powell, Anna Fernald, Allison and Mike Yanover, Mary Schuch, Malcolm Fernald, Ted Spurling, Jeff Pease, Barbara Caldwell-Pease and Mark Grant.

The Islesford post office front entrance is officially reopened, thanks to excellent work by Jason Pickering and crew. Joy Sprague wants everyone to know there are new puzzles available and encourages people to visit, see the new space and, if time permits, hang around to work with neighbors on a puzzle.

Though there wasn’t actually a microphone, Friday night’s open mic night proved a rousing success. It took place in the Neighborhood House upper room which was decorated with a soft paper lantern and twinkling lights. Wine, sweet treats, water and coffee were available for guests. Performers included Kaitlyn Duggan, Skip Stevens, Lindsay Eysnogle, Mary Schuch and Malcolm Fernald. Music, applause and laughter filled the space and calls for encores were answered.

A note from Eileen: “This will be my last entry in the Mount Desert Islander as a contributor to the Cranberry Isles column. I have enjoyed many years of passing on the latest goings on from Cranberry to you, the reader. We have shared news of community events, births, the passing of our loved ones, birthdays, triumphs, tragedies and more. Thank you and all the best to you and yours. If you have news for the column, please contact Barbara Caldwell-Pease at the e-mail listed at the end of the column.”

(Editor’s note: Anyone on Cranberry interested in becoming the next correspondent is encouraged to get in touch with Liz Graves at the Islander office.)

A reminder that town meeting will be held Saturday, March 16, on Great Cranberry. Vehicles will be at the dock to assist those who would like a ride to the meeting.

Happy birthday to Sarah McCracken on March 8, Edgar Plank on March 10, Tom Powell on March 11, Sadie Sarah Ames Archino on March 12 and, on March 14, to Linda Lunt.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.

“May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all your heart might desire!” -Unknown

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items by 5 p.m. on Sunday. Email Barbara Caldwell-Pease at [email protected]



Eileen Richards and Barbara Caldwell-Pease

Eileen Richards and Barbara Caldwell-Pease

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