Cranberry Isles: Celebrating thankfulness together  

The sun is setting earlier in the Cranberry Isles and a distinctive chill has crept into the air. The floats are stowed and the back of Islesford’s dock house is now in place. Small craft advisories are more common and fewer boats are in the harbors. Clearly, winter will arrive shortly. But the Milky Way still sparkles above the islands, while deer and wild turkey wander the roads at twilight. For those lucky enough to spend the whole year in the town of Cranberry Isles, each season affords a distinct, stunning beauty.  

In normal times, the second half of November is a bustling period filled with holiday preparations, visits to and from family, shopping trips and seasonal shows. At this time, there may be fewer public events on Islesford and Great Cranberry; however, islanders are not easily daunted. Inside homes, seasonal preparations are taking place and celebratory ideas are making rounds throughout the neighborhood.  

The pandemic affecting the whole country has given rise to some great suggestions.  For example, families who cannot travel or have visitors may be able to use programs such as Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Google Meeting and Skype to share a virtual Thanksgiving with loved ones. Those same programs could allow grandparents to be there for grandchildren as they open presents. Families and friends can even watch movies together, virtually. Another idea, shared by Cari Alley, is a drive-by Secret Santa program for the neighborhoods.  

Islesford residents are thankful to the Cranberry Isles Fisherman’s Co-op, and Amy Palmer, for adding the ability to order and pick up Thanksgiving supplies, as well as bulk and grocery items, at the Co-op store.  

Islesford Congregational Church has set up a unique, visual way for parishioners to share gratefulness by writing things for which they are thankful on a leaf that will be added to a tree in the winter sanctuary. Rev. Tom Powell writes, “Fall-colored leaves will soon be appearing in Ziploc bags on the Islesford Post Office bulletin board for you to fill out and drop off in the church.”  

The pastor says he can pick up the leaves, socially distanced, if people need that. The church will be sharing a highresolution photograph of the tree the week of Thanksgiving so the community can celebrate thankfulness together. During COVID-19, the sanctuary is open Sunday afternoons, after services and before the church cleaning (following state guidelines), if people want to drop in to see the tree in person.  

Kathleen Lake has announced the availability of the first annual Islesford Images Calendar for 2021. This beautiful calendar features “manipulated images; that’s why many of them look more like paintings or art,” says Kathleen. She says that the images are meant to capture the feelings and moods she hopes everyone has had “while looking at the many faces of our lovely home.” The calendar is available at  

Last Tuesday evening, which was a warm night, many Great Cranberry Islanders joined in a wonderful, spontaneous celebration of tolerance and support. The music could be heard on Islesford, as well. Hopefully, the sentiment will reach even frther.  

Happy birthday on Nov22, to Cari Alley, twins Brigid and Padraig Powell and to Jameson Deane Garvey. On Nov. 24, happy birthday wishes to Blue Morales. Happy anniversary to Barbara and Alden Hathaway on Nov. 25. Also on Nov25, happy birthday to Henry Mayer Austin FernaldBarbara Caldwell-Pease will celebrate a birthday on Nov. 25, too 

“This is America: a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light, in a broad and peaceful sky.” – George H. W. Bush 

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