Cranberry Isles: Buoy making a success

Warmer temperatures with a little rain finished the week on the Cranberry Isles. It was quite a change from the frigid weather greeting buoy makers at the Blue Duck last Monday. But there were warm drinks, the woodstove burned hot and the smell of fresh-cut wood permeated the air.

Melissa and Jim Amuso directed a full house of makers at the buoy making event. It was a wonderful learning opportunity, especially for adults. While working on their own buoys, Ashley Bryan students provided know-how and assistance for drop-in wood workers. The gorgeous buoys created will be sold in the chandlery to help fund Boatworks programs this summer.

The Islesford Neighborhood House Tuesday Coffee Hour drew a good crowd including Cindy Thomas, David Thomas, Serena Spurling, Lindsay Eysnogle, Anna Fernald, Skip Stevens, Thomas Powell, Lewis Powell, Scott Kimball, Jason Pickering and Sally Rowan.

On Thursday, Jan. 23, Barbara Fernald, recovered from the flu which kept her from swimming with the Dip of the Month Club, did her January dip with Bruce Fernald as lifeguard. Though the air temperature was 42 degrees, Barbara said the water temperature at the Bar Harbor buoy was 35. Way to go, Barbara!

On Friday, Jan. 31, Karin Whitney will host another Karaoke Party at the Cranberry House Arts Center. The party starts at 5:30 p.m. and refreshments will be provided.

Happy birthday to Luciana Pickering, Eliza O’Donovan and Sam Hyler on Jan. 30. Happy birthday to Eileen Richards on Jan. 31. On Feb. 2, happy birthday to Terry Savage. Happy birthday to Gretchen Westphal and Bowden Magee Porcaro on Feb. 5.

“Be cheerful — the problems that worry us most are those that never arrive.” -Benjamin Franklin

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