Cranberry Isles: Beach cleanup at the Islesford dock

At Islesford Neighborhood House Library’s Tuesday Coffee hour, David Thomas was guest baker, serving banana muffins and zucchini walnut muffins. Ashley Bryan joined David, Anna Fernald, Cindy Thomas, Skip Stevens, Tom Powell, Lewis Powell, Kathy Lake, Lindsay Eysnogle, Marina Pickering, Mary Schuch and Malcolm Fernald.

Please remember coffee hour only runs through May, so come join the fun while you can. It starts at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays at the Islesford Neighborhood House Library.

Congratulations to Rick Alley, who won the 2019 Duck Stamp Contest with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. The department runs a yearly contest for the Maine Migratory Waterfowl Hunting Stamp. The department says, “Artists’ designs are judged on originality, composition, anatomical accuracy and suitability for reproduction as a stamp and print.” The Canada goose was the subject of this year’s artwork. Next year’s subject is the red-breasted merganser. Great work, Rick!

On Wednesday, Denise McCormick led Ashley Bryan School students and community volunteers in a beach clean-up. Fifteen bags of trash were removed from the Islesford dock area beach. The biggest polluters were Styrofoam and lobster rubber bands, but volunteers picked up everything from forks to a pair of socks folded together. Some treasures were found and shared, including sea glass and tumbled bits of pottery. A big thanks to Denise and everyone who helped.

Thursday, members of the Dip of the Month Club proved their bravery once more by entering the less than balmy 40-degree water at Sand Beach. Stefanie Alley, Barb Shirey Fernald, Cindy Thomas and Joy Sprague reportedly enjoyed their dip, even to the point of double dipping. Kudos to these inspirational women!

The Cranberry Isles Rescue Service hosted a five-day wilderness medicine upgrade on Islesford from April 18-22. Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service and one EMT from Swan’s Island joined the Cranberry Isles Rescue Service in the training program directed by Mike and Billie Jo Senecal of Gilman Stream Medical Institute. The class focused on managing patients in a wilderness environment where the patient would be two hours from a hospital. The work included assessing patients, ruling out spinal injuries and correcting immediate threats to life.

Cranberry Isles Public Safety Coordinator Katelyn Damon said, “We don’t usually work in a wilderness context, but it is not outside the realm of possibility, so we have a few more tools up our sleeves.”

Phil Whitney reports that the Cranberry House Arts Center will reopen for public functions the first week of May. He writes, “It has been closed since mid-December due to the major building addition construction project, which necessitated the removal of the fire escape. The Seaside Playhouse movie season, karaoke programs, yoga sessions and Bible study sessions along with many meetings, will all start up in early May. Building construction continues, and everyone is invited to come see the progress made to date.”

Happy Anniversary to Cindy and David Thomas on May 2. Happiest birthday to Barb Shirey Fernald on May 4 and to Karen Smallwood on May 5. Happy birthday to Jason Charles King and to Rick Benjamin on May 8.

“How to be strong: There are no rules. You are already strong. Even when you are crying. Even when you are at your lowest point. Even when you are falling apart. Your strength is in your survival. Your strength is within you always. And besides, didn’t anyone ever tell you that strength looks so different on us all?” -Nikita Gill

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