Cranberry Isles: Ashley Bryan School releases first student weather video 

Greetings from the Cranberry Islands, where only a little of last week’s snow is left on the ground. The week started with mild temperatures, but by the weekend, overnight lows were in the teensThere were no boat cancellations last week, and there were no significant storms 

Speaking of weather, the children of Ashley Bryan School, on Islesford, have been studying the atmosphere and keeping a weather board for the islands. This week, they made their first video weather forecast. Wyatt Weatherman (Wyatt Alley) gave the main forecast for the weekend, accurately predicting strong winds for Sunday. Marine Man (Elliot Damon Hadlock) provided the wave and tide forecast and Star Girl (also known as Luciana Pickering), discussed viewable celestial objects and moon phases. Rubye Alley (seen scooting behind the weather station) chose the bird of the week presented in the video. Gail Grandgent hopes the students can do a weather report each week they have in-person school. Friends of the islands can see the “must watch” video at 

In other school news, last Friday, Katelyn Damon put together a village-wide scavenger hunt for PE class. The children and staff had a great time deciphering rhyming clues and doing different exercises at each site. Back at school, the students watched videos about the immune system.  

The town of Cranberry Isles is requesting photos for consideration for inclusion in the 2020 Town Report. Photos for consideration should be forwarded Ben Sumner via email at [email protected]. Jpeg format is preferred. 

Happy birthday to Gary Allen on Jan. 29. Happy birthday, on Jan. 30, to Sam HylerEliza O’Donovan and Luciana Pickering. Happy birthday to Eileen Richards on Jan. 31. On Feb. 2, happy birthday to Terry Savage 

For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it. – Amanda Gorman 

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